August 6, 2008

Adobe Upgrades E-Commerce Hosting Platform

Adobe Systems has updated its hosted rich media platform for e-commerce and multi-channel marketing companies.

It said Scene7 4.0 has a new user interface based on Adobe Flex that includes single and accordion pane viewing and drag-and-drop capabilities. The version has built-in tutorial resources such as guides, videos, and visual highlights for both novice and power users. It also includes a library of configurable rich media viewers in multiple designs and styles.

Scene7 4.0 offers integrated building tools for each rich media asset type for streamlining workflows. The latest version supports assets created with Adobe Flash CS3 Professional, Photoshop CS3, InDesign CS3, Illustrator CS3, as well as other business file types. It also integrates with Adobe Version Cue CS3 to support Creative Suite 3 users.

Doug Mack, vice president of consumer and hosted solutions at Adobe, said: "Scene7 has become the platform of choice for a broad spectrum of companies who successfully engage their customers with rich media experiences. With this update we're able to broaden our offerings to better support both start-up companies who have basic rich media requirements as well as large global organizations who trust Scene7 to make their products and brands stand out on the web."