August 7, 2008

Greeley Tribune, Colo., Randy Bangert Column

By Randy Bangert, Greeley Tribune, Colo.

Aug. 7--You may have noticed a few new bylines in our paper this week.

Names such as Jason Hackett, Daniel Geary and Bill Barr have appeared. Names such as Jacquelyn Walters, Fran Zielske, Roxye Rea-Arellano, Kelly Imus and Cassie Kauffman will be appearing soon.

They're not new staff members, but rather community residents, readers of The Tribune, who are blogging regularly on our Web site at

We began an experiment this week with something that's known in the industry as reverse publishing. We do a bit of this already, but we are planning to expand it as readers become more engaged in our Web site and print newspaper.

Reverse publishing is simple: It's taking reader-generated content from our Web site and publishing it in our print newspaper.

The eight names listed above were recruited by us before we launched our new Web site in late June. We asked them to write about three topics that we think have high interest in Greeley: staying healthy, being a good parent and shopping smart.

We think our bloggers are off to a great start and offer some reading that will be of interest to all of our readers, not just those online.

Barr, for example, has committed himself to losing 100 pounds in 100 days, and is blogging about the process. Geary is an antique expert and writes about where to find the best deals. In his most recent blog, he offers tips for garage sale shoppers. Zielske writes about how to find the best deals around town, and in a recent blog she offered tips on buying college textbooks. (She is finding ways to pay 50 percent of bookstore value for her daughter's textbooks at Colorado State University).

Hackett and Rea-Arellano write about the joys -- and tribulations -- of parenthood. Imus and Kauffman write about how to stay healthy. (Looking for a good recipe for grilled corn on the cob? Check out one of Imus' recent blogs.) Walters can tell you how to how to save money shopping as well; she recently wrote about how to reduce one's monthly grocery bill.

Offering readers space in our newspaper is not entirely new, of course. Our daily opinion page is filled with letters, Two Cents calls and columns from members of our community. We also have Greeley-area pastors who write weekly columns on our Faith page in Saturday's paper. Readers have been contributing Viewfinder photos on a daily basis for several years.

Those are only a few of many examples of how readers make our newspaper and our Web site an enriched experience for readers. We think bloggers from our Web site have much to offer as well. Their work will publish at least four to five times a week on our local news pages, and we would encourage other community members who want write blogs to sign up and take a stab at offering advice and insight about the important issues in your lives.

Randy Bangert is editor of The Tribune. He can be reached at (970) 392-4435 or via e-mail at [email protected]

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