August 7, 2008

Russian Defence Ministry to Launch Socially-Oriented Website in 2009

Text of report by Russian Zvezda TV, Defence Ministry controlled, promotes patriotic values, on 5 August

[Presenter] The military will have a new Internet information site, Yekaterina Priyezzheva, adviser to the defence minister, has said today. She took part in a meeting devoted to the strategy of social development of the Armed Forces. It is planned that military servicemen, as well as all other users, will find a lot of useful information, and not only about the army, on the new Internet portal. The new website will mainly focus on social topics. The Defence Ministry now pays special attention to issues in this sphere. It has even published a special strategy of development for the period to 2020.

[Yekaterina Priyezzheva, adviser to the defence minister of the Russian Federation] We expect that many issues will be addressed there, starting from archives and ending with the possibility of distant learning, working in the regime of online forums, forums, blogs and diaries where all issues of social development will be discussed. This portal will have links to the sites of all the establishments subordinated to the Defence Ministry that are working on the implementation of social services.

[Presenter] It is planned that the new Internet portal will already appear in the global web in July of the next year [2009].

Originally published by Zvezda TV, Moscow, in Russian 1818 5 Aug 08.

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