August 7, 2008

Parents’ Fears Over Networking Sites

NEARLY three quarters of parents check up on their children's use of social networking sites such as Face book and Bebo, amid fears they could be befriending strangers, an online identity firm said.

And one in four secretly logs into their child's social networking page, while a quarter have set up their own page to spy on their children, the study said.

Of 1,030 parents interviewed, 89% spoke to their children about the dangers posed by social networking sites and more than half (58%) said they were more vigilant online than a year ago.

The study, by online identity firm Garlik, suggests that parents could be right to worry.

More than a quarter of eight to 15-year-olds admitted they have strangers as friends on these sites, while 20% have met up with strangers they first encountered online.

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