August 8, 2008

Splash Media Announces Launch of New Video Based E-Learning (VBE) Platform

Splash Media LP, an Emmy Award winning innovator of digital video publishing, announced today the official launch of their Video Based E-Learning (VBE) Platform as the newest addition to their extensive suite of video production products and offerings.

Based in Dallas, TX, Splash Media is a digital video IPTV publisher of TV network quality training and communication solutions for company workforces. Developed by Splash Media LP, the VBE Platform is a proprietary web based video platform combined with a production infrastructure and process designed to effectively and efficiently take existing hard copy and classroom training curriculum and convert it into high-quality and compelling video courses that are delivered online. The VBE platform has the flexibility to allow it to be customized and private labeled to fit any company's branded look and feel if necessary. In addition, the VBE platform can be built around customer learning objectives and learner outcomes.

"The worlds of e-learning and video are colliding and Splash is creating technology solutions that make it easier for the learning community to embrace video," said Chris Kraft, president and founder of Splash Media. "Text books and physical classrooms are no longer enough for this next generation of learners. Google, YouTube, and Tivo have fundamentally changed the way we all like to self-select while seeking knowledge and our entertainment, and then retrieve it on-demand. We feel an enterprise level video training and delivery platform will allow companies to meet the needs of learners that are demanding high quality video based training."

Some of the features of the Splash's new VBE Platform include:

-- A robust content management system optimized for the heavy lifting needs of video

-- A CSS driven user interface with a Web 2.0 look and feel

-- An SEO optimized platform with deep tagging capabilities

-- Social components such as the ability to comment on and rate training content

-- Easy to use online testing modules

-- Ability for the user to self-generate PDF certificates upon completing learning objectives

-- Easy reporting tools for administrators

-- SCORM compliant

Splash Media has developed the programming and tools to create and publish customized corporate and consumer training media, along with online networks to boost national and international companies' communications and eLearning efforts. Utilizing a $5.5-million, state-of-the-art studio and an award-winning production and technical team, Splash Media is able to quickly produce, publish, and deliver rich media content to effectively educate, communicate, and entertain companies, students, and institutions across the US and around the world.

About Splash Media

Splash Media LP is a Dallas-based media publishing and technology company that develops online, customized Internet television networks for corporate communications and training. Splash Media utilizes its state-of-the-art television studios to quickly produce, publish, and deliver rich media content. Splash Media offers an innovative, convenient and efficient solution for communicating with and training associates across the world, via the Internet. Splash Media's current online networks include,, and as well as Splash Stream Solutions for private-label corporate networks. For more information, please visit