August 8, 2008

Computer Forensic, Security Courses Set

AUBURN - Central Maine Community College will offer courses in computer forensics, network security and server administration this fall. The three-credit courses, delivered by the computer technology program, also fulfill requirements of the computer forensics option in the new criminal justice program.

Computer Forensics (CPT 261) is a new course that provides a comprehensive understanding of computer forensics. Students will be exposed to different tools and techniques of obtaining data along with an understanding of the investigative process.

The class will work with EnCase, the leading forensic software in the industry. Class discussions and hands-on activities will give students a thorough understanding of crime scene processing, data acquisition, computer forensic analysis, e-mail investigations, image and file recovery, witness requirements and report writing.

The computer forensics course will be offered Mondays from 2 to 4:55 p.m. or 6 to 8:55 p.m., beginning Sept. 8.

All students who register for computer forensics will be required to pass a criminal background check and sign a disclaimer stating that they will not use the skills learned for unethical or illegal behavior. The course requires knowledge of criminal justice and PC repair/operating systems.

Law enforcement officers and professional investigators should contact Kevin Cook at [email protected] for more information and approval to take the course.

The network security course (CPT 271) emphasizes legal and security concepts to help computer professionals and enthusiasts prevent network intrusions. Several networking operating systems will be used, including Microsoft Windows and Linux.

The class will also experiment with various system services, such as Telnet, FTP and HTTP servers. In addition, students will research computer security topics and practice in a controlled environment.

The course is open to all students who have received instruction in operating systems and network fundamentals. The class will meet Tuesdays from 12:30 to 3:25 p.m., starting Sept. 2.

Server Administration (CPT 266) builds on the foundation established with Introduction to Networking and prepares the student for a more in-depth knowledge of network communication and protocols, such as TCP/IP and peripherals.

Students design a network, install server software and create domains, workgroups, users and trusts. Students also create and apply user rights, privileges, file and print sharing and services. Server and data security will also be introduced.

Several other computer technology courses are also being offered in the fall, including Visual Basic, Linux Operating System, Advanced PC Repair, Introduction to Networking, Web Development and Game Level Design.

Registration for these and other fall semester courses is open to the public. Students may register online at or in person at the registrar's office, 755-5292. The full CMCC fall course listing is available online.

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