August 9, 2008

China’s Automotive Lights Export Industry Is On Track for Another Strong Year in 2008 According To Latest Report

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Research and Markets ( e32b5e/china_sourcing_rep) has announced the addition of the "China Sourcing Report: Automotive Lights" report to their offering.

China's exports of automotive lights are on the upswing, increasing by more than 50 percent annually in revenue terms. Demand from North America and the EU is growing steadily even as Asia continues to be the main export destination.

In addition, OEM capability among suppliers is expanding as intensifying competition squeezes profit margins in the aftermarket and domestic carmakers strengthen their presence within the country and overseas.

This updated report will guide you in this expanding industry, answering questions such as:

- Which companies are offering the best products at the best prices?

- What are the latest R&D trends?

- Which suppliers best suit your requirements?

- Will export prices increase in coming months?

- And much more...

What you'll get

- In-depth profiles of 17 major suppliers with a comprehensive look at their product and pricing strategy, manufacturing and export capability, verified contact details, and more -- this information is not available anywhere else

- Profile tables of 19 additional suppliers, with key information such as production capacities, export capabilities, primary export markets and main machinery

- 75 full-color images that depict popular automotive light export models, complete with product descriptions, prices, minimum order requirements and delivery times

- Results of the custom-designed supplier survey, which forecasts industry trends for the next 12 months

- Verified supplier contact details, including names, e-mails, telephone numbers and websites of profiled makers

- This report covers headlights, taillights, auxiliary lights, halogen bulbs, HID bulbs and LED bulbs

China's automotive lights export industry is on track for another strong year in 2008. This comes as export volume continues to rebound from the slump that hit the industry about four years ago.

Outbound shipments between January and April 2008 have exceeded 630 million units, representing a 3 percent increase over volume from the last four months of 2007. And while marginal when taken on its own, this figure already matches the growth rate for the whole of 2006 and indicates an increase of more than 30 percent year-on- year.

Companies are optimistic that export volume will continue to rise even amid high product prices, which have, in the past, driven the surge in revenue from outbound shipments. Combined 2007 customs figures for lighting assemblies and filament-type automotive bulbs, for example, indicate that sales soared nearly 62 percent as the average per-unit-value jumped 47 percent.

Under efforts to boost exports further, suppliers will be strengthening their presence in the North America and European markets. Demand for aftermarket parts in both regions is expected to intensify as guidelines regarding the use of generic automotive lights in authorized repair centers relax.

The following are some of the key developments we see in China's automotive lights industry:

- Some companies will be enhancing their capability to manufacture according to OEM requirements and aligning operations with stringent standards such as ISO/TS 16949. Expansion into the OEM segment will provide suppliers with specifications of the latest and upcoming vehicles, spurring R&D, which relies heavily on trends in the automotive market.

- Price adjustments in coming months will generally be slight despite the rising cost of key materials such as ABS and aluminum.

- To keep price increases within 5 percent, companies will be lowering production costs. Many suppliers will be doing so by minimizing losses caused by defects and material wastage.

- Makers will be preparing for the anticipated rise in demand by boosting capacity, some by as much as 50 percent. This report covers the main categories of vehicle lighting in China. The Products & Prices section groups together head, tail and auxiliary lights under assembles, while halogen, HID and LED lamps are classified as automotive bulbs.

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Supplier summary

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Supplier survey

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