August 11, 2008

Tech Systems Deploys Critical SOA Applications With Micro Focus

Micro Focus(R) (LSE.MCRO.L), the leading provider of enterprise application management and modernization solutions, today announced that Tech Systems, the leading provider of computer solutions for the wholesale distribution industry, has successfully implemented Micro Focus Server for SOA. Micro Focus will enable Tech Systems to transform its IntegraSoft order and distribution management solution into a Web-based, more user-friendly application. As a result, customers will benefit from a more intuitive and accessible IntegraSoft solution without sacrificing any functionality or existing business logic.

Tech Systems has a large customer base - with some customers filling 800-1,000 orders per day. In order to meet its growing business requirements, Tech Systems utilized Micro Focus Server for SOA to port its existing COBOL-based applications into a graphical, Web-based world, allowing for increased application flexibility and a modern look and feel. Now, Tech Systems is equipped with a portable solution that enables the company to maintain the core business function behind its applications.

"Our first priority when undertaking this project was to leverage and protect the investment in our business logic - a complete software rewrite was simply not an option," said Jeff Donahue, Vice President of sales at Tech Systems. "Micro Focus allowed us to take that valuable data inside our IntegraSoft solution and use it to create graphical, user-friendly Web applications."

After determining that a screen-scraping project would be cost prohibitive and too time consuming, Tech Systems leveraged Micro Focus Server for SOA to create a scalable, managed and high performance transactional environment for its COBOL applications and servers. With the use of Micro Focus Server for SOA, Tech systems was able to quickly deploy its existing COBOL applications as Web services - delivering improved performance, availability and usability to customers.

"Tech Systems understands the business value of its COBOL based applications, and made a strategic decision to modernize and bring them into a Web-based world," said Kevin Moultrup, President, North America Operations, Micro Focus. "This choice reflects Tech Systems' desire to bring a flexible, functional and agile solution to its customers, and Micro Focus is thrilled at the chance to work with such a forward thinking organization."

Prior to the project, tech systems customers could only access the IntegraSoft solution on licensed machines. After the transformation with Micro Focus Server for SOA, mobile users can now access from anywhere in the world with Internet access via a secure log-in. The user-friendly interface has made it easier to train customers, decreased installation time and significantly reduced the number of support calls.

"The move to SOA and Web services has created enormous amounts of flexibility and re-use, which enabled us to deliver an even more reliable and robust product to our customers," said Donahue. "Because of Micro Focus Server for SOA, our customers are able to find, display and analyze the information they need quickly and easily."

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About Tech Systems

Tech Systems is a leading provider of computer solutions for the wholesale distribution industry. Their IntegraSoft business application software provides a powerful source of efficiency for distributors. Tech Systems' sophisticated, easy to use software solution enables distributors to integrate information from accounting, inventory procurement, billing, warehouse management and sales reporting in a single system.