August 11, 2008

KT Selects Acme Packet Net-Net SBCs for International VoIP Peering Service

Acme Packet has announced that Korea Telecom has selected the company's Net-Net session border controllers for its international VoIP peering service.

At the interconnect borders with its wholesale customers, Acme Packet said that its Net-Net session border controllers (SBCs) satisfy Korea Telecom's (KT's) critical security, service reach maximization, SLA assurance and revenue and cost optimization requirements. At these borders, Net-SAFE, Acme Packet's security framework, provides denial of service attack prevention, access control and topology hiding required to protect KT's VoIP core network.

The Net-Net SBCs also mediate differences between VoIP networks, including bridging overlapping IP address spaces and interworking and normalizing signaling protocols. Using SIP and H.323 signaling, as well as SIP-H.323 interworking, on Acme Packet's SBCs, KT will be able to maximize the number of networks it can connect to and minimize required changes to its core VoIP network, said Acme Packet.

Eun-Sik Shin, director of network group for KT, said: "By taking advantage of KT's strong global presence and the controls provided by Acme Packet's SBCs, our domestic and international service provider customers can lower costs by leveraging our IP service infrastructure."