August 11, 2008

Salon Launches ‘Open Salon’

SAN FRANCISCO, Aug. 11 /PRNewswire/ -- Salon Media has launched a network of member-generated content, Open Salon,, which helps members find an audience for their content -- and get paid for it.

Part social network, part blog network, Open Salon rewards users who create content by spotlighting the best blog posts on its home page and through member ratings.

The best posts will also appear on the home page of, offering members a high-profile home for their work and letting Salon readers appear alongside the site's established writers.

Powered by an online payment service from Revolution MoneyExchange(TM) (RMX), content creators on Open Salon can be compensated for their work by fellow community members through MoneyExchange. Open Salon users who create new MoneyExchange accounts will receive $10* in their accounts that they can use to provide other accountholders on the site with compensation. Community members can receive electronic cash payments called "tips," without transaction fees to other MoneyExchange accountholders, for content other members want to reward.

"Open Salon lets people create content and distribute it to Salon's readership as well as elsewhere on the Internet," said Chris Neimeth, Salon Media Group's chief executive officer, "and through our relationship with Revolution Money, people can reward others or get paid for their efforts, sending and receiving payment, without fees. Our audience benefits economically as well as intellectually from their productivity and collaboration."

"Open Salon eliminates the gatekeepers," observes editor-in-chief Joan Walsh. "It makes our smart, creative audience full partners in Salon's publishing future."

"MoneyExchange makes it possible for users to make online payments -- even micropayments -- to other accountholders, without the fees associated with other services," said David Cautin, senior vice president and general manager of Revolution Money's payment solutions division. "Now Open Salon users can literally give their two cents -- and much more -- to their favorite bloggers."

On Open Salon, anyone can set up a profile, post their first blog item, photograph and artwork, or embed a video, and start building an audience. And after a simple registration and account approval with MoneyExchange, users are able to accept (or give) compensation to other members with MoneyExchange accounts. Open Salon editors curate the site's home page, but readers and members have considerable editorial control, with separate covers that display the Most Read and Top Rated posts.

"It's a true marketplace of ideas," says Kerry Lauerman, Open Salon director. "Bloggers get a built-in audience, and a more realistic way to make money than what's out there right now."

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*Subject to approval. Terms and Conditions apply. Offer is limited to one (1) $10 sign up bonus per MoneyExchange account that is created by 8/31/08. Current and former MoneyExchange accountholders are not eligible to participate in this offer. This is not an interest-bearing account. The annual percentage yield is 0%. Your account will be credited within 24 hours of opening. Account issued by First Bank & Trust, Brookings S.D., Member FDIC and part of the Fishback Financial Corporation.

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