August 11, 2008

Webroot Releases New E-Mail Security Solution

Webroot, a provider of security software, has released its Webroot E-mail Security SaaS, which is claimed to offer protection against the threat of e-mail backscatter.

According to the company, a side effect of spam, viruses and worms, backscatter occurs when a spammer spoofs a legitimate e-mail address to send an unsolicited message to large distribution lists, causing the e-mail server to flood an unsuspecting e-mail address of owner's mailbox with large number of failed delivery messages or bounce backs.

The company said the new release of Webroot E-mail Security SaaS employs a technique called Bounce Address Tag Validation to mark every message sent through its servers with a timestamp and cryptographic signature that cannot be duplicated. If an e-mail enters the network as a failed delivery message without this signature, customers can configure the service to automatically mark the message as spam and block it from entering the user's mailbox.

Mike Irwin, COO of Webroot, said: "The impact of backscatter is especially hard on businesses with fewer IT resources or appliances that just can't scale to meet the processing load. With network security in the cloud, companies of all sizes can enjoy a scalable enterprise-class security solution that is easy to manage and provides better protection and value than traditional appliances and software."