August 12, 2008

Beijing Olympic Games Taps China Mobile and WildPackets to Maintain Wireless Networks

WildPackets, Inc., a leading provider of network and application analysis solutions, today announced that China Mobile, the World's largest mobile subscribers telecommunications provider and official partner of the 2008 Beijing Olympic Games, has implemented WildPackets OmniPeek to proactively prevent wireless network outages at 14 Olympic venues.

China Mobile has deployed OmniPeek to monitor and troubleshoot the various WLAN and WiFi applications running throughout the Olympic gymnasiums in Shanghai and Beijing, including the "Bird Nest" National Stadium, where the opening and closing ceremonies will be held. With OmniPeek, China Mobile's technical staff can monitor performance and quickly troubleshoot any anomalies that might slow down network responsiveness.

"China Mobile has the complex yet integral task of providing uninterrupted communications by ensuring uptime, security and maintenance of the Olympic gymnasiums WLAN network and rely on WildPackets to be successful in this endeavor," said Liu Hui, General Manager, Network Optimizing Center of China Mobile Group, Beijing Co. Ltd. "We are thoroughly impressed by the performance and reliability of Wildpackets' OmniPeek solution for network data analysis, performance monitoring and troubleshooting."

WildPackets OmniPeek gives network administrators real-time performance monitoring statistics from every part of the network--simultaneously from a single interface--including Gigabit, 10GbE, Ethernet, 802.11 wireless, VoIP, and WAN links to remote offices. With OmniPeek's advanced network monitoring capabilities, centralized console, and distributed OmniEngines engineers can monitor all network performance and rapidly troubleshoot issues to maximize network uptime and user satisfaction.

"The world is watching and we know the stakes - network uptime is mission-critical at the 2008 Beijing Olympic Games," said Tony Barbagallo, vice president of marketing at WildPackets. "We're honored to partner with China Mobile, the leading mobile telecommunications company in the world, and look forward to our role in preventing wireless network outages."

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