August 12, 2008

Nirvanix Enables Silicon Mountain’s ‘Embeddable’ Cloud Storage for OEMs

Nirvanix, the premier "Cloud Storage" platform provider optimized for media and large files, today announced that it is powering Silicon Mountain Holdings' embeddable OEM software suite for companies seeking to extend their storage products' reach with a global online backup and file sharing service complement. This announcement further attests to Nirvanix's continued growth in worldwide partnerships under its "Experiencing Nirvanix" embeddable brand.

The first products to utilize this newly developed white-labeled solution will be Silicon Mountain's Storango(TM) network attached storage (NAS) devices coupled with a new myStorango(TM)-branded web-based digital locker service. The joint solution will provide small to medium businesses (SMBs) and consumer users with local, LAN-attached storage, together with an innovative Internet-based data protection and management service that occurs in the background. By leveraging the media-centric nature of the Nirvanix Storage Delivery Network, users will have access to many innovative file sharing and media management features woven into the service such as transcoding, image manipulation, tagging, advanced search capability and intuitive file system to easily and quickly enable the mobile digital lifestyle.

Both products and details will be formally announced by Silicon Mountain in September.

Digital content by home users alone is predicted to reach more than nine terabytes (9,000 gigabytes) of files by 2013, according to a report titled "Digital Storage in Consumer Electronics: 2008," by Tom Coughlin, a well-respected data storage consultant. Silicon Mountain began to search for the best way to enable their storage and computing appliances to meet the new demands for backup, file sharing and remote accessibility. The company found the Nirvanix Storage Delivery Network to be complementary to its product strategy and chose Nirvanix services to enable their OEM-enabled software suite.

"We looked at the market landscape and found the Nirvanix SDN was the only embeddable cloud storage platform capable of extending myStorango far, far beyond mere remote backup and into feature-rich media sharing and management right out of the home or office," said Steven King, Chairman of the Board, Silicon Mountain. "We are very pleased with the testing and beta reception of myStorango and its potential to enhance the value of user data by enabling any authorized party to access, organize, share and protect their digital assets, including music, video, digital libraries, photographs, business records and other confidential data from anywhere."

"The confluence of cloud storage and device storage in the home and office is a definite trend," said Adam Couture, principal research analyst at Gartner. "Endpoint devices can be lost or stolen. Storage arrays and local backup devices are susceptible to data corruption or catastrophic events such as fire or flood. Makers of these devices are beginning to understand the need to protect customer data off site. We think that is a trend that will become increasingly common."

"Silicon Mountain has a vision of digital management both locally and remotely and sought the best way to make that vision a reality," said Geoff Tudor, Nirvanix SVP of Business Development and Strategy. "By implementing the Nirvanix SDN into their storage offerings, they are best positioned to provide consumers and SMBs with a great service with great functionality. We are pleased to partner with Silicon Mountain and continue to work closely with them to develop a rich feature set of data management tools that will allow customers to do more with their data."

About Nirvanix

Nirvanix is the premier global "Cloud Storage" platform provider. Headquartered in San Diego, California, Nirvanix is privately held and has raised more than $18 million in funding from world-class investors including Intel Capital. Nirvanix customers include Fortune 50, media and entertainment and innovative Web 2.0 customers. For more information about the company and its services, visit

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