August 12, 2008

Smiths Detection and Torion Technologies Partner to Develop Highly Portable, Advanced Military & Emergency Response Chemical Threat Assessment Technology

Smiths Detection, part of the global technology business Smiths Group, today announced a partnership with Torion Technologies, an emerging leader in miniaturized Gas Chromotography Toroidal Ion Trap Mass Spectrometry (GC-TMS) technology. The alliance enables the joint development of a next-generation, hand-portable GC-TMS system for the security, defense, and civil emergency responder markets.

The use of Torion's proprietary toroidal technology (developed for its GUARDION-7(TM)) allows a well-established analytical technology, GC-MS (gas chromatography mass spectroscopy), to be used in a lighter and faster way than ever before. The unique size and weight of the new instrument do not compromise its ability to achieve the same high accuracy, sensitivity and selectivity of standard GC-MS technology.

This technology is designed to identify a variety of substances such as Chemical Warfare Agents (CWAs), Volatile and Semi Volatile Organic Compounds (VOCs & SVOCs) in air and liquid samples.

Mal Maginnis, President, Smiths Detection Global Military & Emergency Responders, said: "This partnership will enable Smiths Detection and Torion to leverage each company's core strengths, resulting in a highly portable, durable and reliable system. It supports our most important objective which is to supply military and civil emergency responders worldwide with advanced detection and identification solutions."

The new system fills the gap for field applications where trace analysis of complex mixtures is required. Douglas W. Later, President, Torion Technologies, said: "We believe the Torion/Smiths Detection partnership makes sense on multiple levels as it will result in a market-leading instrument that will be critical in combating chemical threats around the world. The combination of Torion's innovative technology and Smiths Detection's engineering expertise, strong brand recognition and market knowledge creates an ideal partnership."

Smiths Detection will be exhibiting at FRI 2008 in Denver, August 14-16 at booth 1121.

Smiths Detection's Emergency Responder Tools

The GC-TMS system will further enhance the range of Smiths Detection's portable and handheld emergency response solutions which include: HazMatID(TM), HazMatID(TM) Ranger, GasID(TM), RespondeR RCI(TM), SABRE4000(TM), SABRE-FR(TM), LCD-FR(TM) and the HGVI(TM).

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About Torion Technologies

Torion Technologies is a privately held company and is the technology leader in miniaturization of mass spectrometry technology. The company provides contract engineering and scientific R&D services, and manufactures GC-TMS instruments and micro-sampling SPME syringes. Torion Technologies offers a unique blend of technical services and product commercialization. Torion was founded in 2001 and has been innovating in the GC-MS market since. For more information visit