August 13, 2008

TerraGo Technologies Announces New Release of Map2PDF Professional for Acrobat

Data Source Independence Critical for Enabling Non-GIS Users

TerraGo Technologies

Julie Buckley, 703-879-1582

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TerraGo(R) Technologies, the visionary provider of tools, technology and know-how for building collaborative geospatial applications (GeoApps), today announced the release of Map2PDF Professional for Acrobat, version 4.1. On the heels of last week's release of Map2PDF for ArcGIS 4.0, today's announcement further demonstrates TerraGo's commitment to helping organizations embrace multiple, disparate geospatial data sources for easy consumption by non-GIS users.

TerraGo's Map2PDF Professional for Acrobat allows users to merge maps and images from various sources; integrate content and annotations; and configure functionality and workflows (GeoApps), such as digital mapbooks, using geo-enabled PDF files from TerraGo, Adobe, ESRI, and other sources. All GeoApps created with TerraGo solutions automatically provide access to the TerraGo Toolbar. Used by more than 250,000 professionals worldwide, the TerraGo Toolbar is the industry standard for the consumption of geospatial data in PDF format.

"Many of our customers have multiple data sources that need to be accessed for collaboration across their organization," said Suzanne Henderson, vice president of engineering, TerraGo Technologies. "TerraGo is the only software provider that gives GIS experts and non-GIS users the ability to take multiple geo-enabled PDFs from any source and use them to collaborate effectively with their peers. As a result, our customers are able to increase productivity of their field workforce and make better decisions based on real-time data."

This new release is currently available to new customers for purchase and to existing customers active on maintenance.

About TerraGo Technologies

As the pioneer of geo-enabled PDFs, TerraGo Technologies removes technology barriers to broaden the access and application of geospatial data. TerraGo's advanced tools and technology leverage PDF and the Adobe platform to enable geospatial applications that meet the needs of all types of end users, regardless of GIS expertise. This process enables GeoApps, the use of geospatial PDFs and other portable content formats to create real-world applications of geographic data. Providing complete end-user focus, unmatched GeoApp expertise and geospatial data source independence, TerraGo makes it cost effective to easily build and deliver GeoApps for use by anyone, anywhere. TerraGo serves more than 600 customers and a quarter-million users, including government agencies at the local, state and federal levels, regulated industries and other private enterprises. For more information, visit

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