August 13, 2008

Cymphonix Announces Counter-Intuitive Approach to Controlling Streaming Summer Olympics Internet Traffic

With the opening ceremonies of the Beijing 2008 Summer Olympic Games complete and over 210 million Internet users in the United States alone looking to keep tabs on scheduled competitions, many companies may fear that the constant streaming of live video from will bog down their networks and completely stall normal productivity rates for the next 17 days. Since more and more applications are moving online, this increased strain on an organization's network has the potential to cripple daily activities and weaken Internet response times.

While some network administrators may use web filters to completely block NBC's website in an attempt to control content, savvy users may bypass those configurations with the help of anonymous proxies. Cymphonix recommends a different approach - one that encourages administrators to enable access to sites that stream video and audio. With a Cymphonix Network Composer(TM) device, administrators can allow access to bandwidth-intensive sites, but actually limit the amount of bandwidth those sites can take.

"This approach is really unique," says Kevin Santiago, CEO of Cymphonix. "With Cymphonix you let the device police the network for you - it maintains bandwidth limits so your business critical applications have the resources they need, but still allows users to view the content they want to view - within the parameters you've set."

Network Composer gives companies who do not necessarily want to block users from watching the Summer Olympics the ability to control how much bandwidth the traffic generated from the games consumes, as well as the ability to prioritize web traffic and applications. Therefore, a website or online application that is considered critical to the organization's productivity can be given precedence over the games and will have the necessary bandwidth immediately available when needed.

Cymphonix customers who opt to block Olympics streaming altogether have confidence in the Network Composer's deep-packet scanning technology and know that having complete visibility into web traffic means anonymous proxies are no threat to daily productivity.

"With my Network Composer I can see if anyone is watching the games and how much time they spend watching them," said John Begy, IT Administrator at Hoselton Auto Mall. "Streaming video from the games hasn't impacted bandwidth for our critical applications at all...the Cymphonix device handles our bandwidth allocation automatically."

While other organizations fear the imminent crash of their network, Cymphonix Network Composer users know their system is ready to stand up to the challenge.

About Cymphonix

Cymphonix Corporation, headquartered in Salt Lake City, Utah, uses patent-pending technology to reveal, optimize and automate Internet security. With deep-packet scanning technology, Cymphonix solutions address the issues created by evolving content - including web applications and bandwidth-intensive websites. Cymphonix products seamlessly integrate network protection, application performance, and traffic visibility into a single, easily managed solution. Leading the Cymphonix product line is Network Composer, a smart gateway appliance that helps organizations understand at a glance who is abusing network resources and with what applications - enabling problems to be corrected instantly through a clear, easy-to-manage interface. More information about Cymphonix can be found at