August 13, 2008

Asus Introduces New TV Card

Asus, a provider of multimedia products, has introduced the new Asus My Cinema-PS3-100/PTS/FM/AV/RC 3-in-1 TV card. The new hardware delivers sharp picture quality and supports both digital and analog TV programs, allowing users access to any worldwide TV program without geographic restrictions on their desktop PCs.

According to the company, My Cinema-PS3-100/PTS/FM/AV/RC incorporates Asus utilities to fulfill diverse user needs, enabling them to enjoy an all-in-one multimedia entertainment experience right on their PCs.

Integrating three built-in TV systems into a single TV card, the Asus My Cinema-PS3-100/PTS/FM/AV/RC allows users to watch and record high-quality digital (DVBS or DVBT) or analog (PAL) TV programs on their PCs and able to receive digital satellite TV signals from almost all DVB-Satellite TV channels.

The company claims that Asus My Cinema-PS3-100/PTS/FM/AV/RC provides a total solution for home theater entertainment. With the capability to let users watch digital or analog TV programs, make scheduled recordings, edit and produce their very own movies, edit and burn DVD/VCDs, listen to FM radio and MP3; or sort videos and photographs, this TV card expects to satisfy every user's need. Additionally, the inclusion of the Asus VideoSecurity Online technology makes building a home monitoring system simple. With the ASUS My Cinema-PS3-100/PTS/FM/AV/RC, users can easily turn PCs into an all-in-one multimedia entertainment centers.