August 13, 2008

PacketTrap Networks Announces Availability of Networking Essentials White Paper

Demonstrating its commitment to support the IT community with relevant, helpful resources, PacketTrap Networks ( announced today it is offering a white paper entitled, "Network Essentials: Planning and Managing The Future of Your Network" on its Web site for IT managers, network administrators and CIOs. PacketTrap is a leading provider of network diagnostic, monitoring, troubleshooting and remediation solutions.

The guide is available as a PDF document at no cost from the PacketTrap Web site by visiting the case study section of

One of the most pressing issues facing IT departments today is building a scalable network that provides fault tolerance, security and quality of service. Not only do IT departments need to account for the growth in the number of users on the network, they also need to handle new technologies, applications, protocols, requirements and the growing number of remote offices. This paper, authored by PacketTrap's Product Management Team, addresses these issues by presenting information about best practices in network management, including network infrastructure design and network maintenance. Specifically, the paper helps IT professionals design, implement and manage products that traditionally were not part of the network infrastructure, including VoIP, power over Ethernet, Wi-Fi, VPN and general security.

"Scalable networks and the disruptive technologies being placed on them are problems plaguing network managers," said Matt Bolton, VP Products. "As a technology leader, PacketTrap is making solutions available to enable our customers to build secure, easy-to-manage, comprehensive networks that can handle the new technologies and demands being placed on them. We developed this white paper to provide information on how planning and implementing these networks can be done smoothly and effectively."

About PacketTrap:

PacketTrap provides affordable enterprise class network and application management software that improves performance across the customer's most complex networks. PacketTrap's flagship solution, PacketTrap Perspective(TM), provides IT professionals with a 360 degree view of their single and multi-site networks and allows them to manage and maintain their infrastructure from a single interface. Visit the Company's website at and its blog at