August 13, 2008

Digital Choice: Ford ‘Feel Football’

By Abdool, Anthony

Car manufacturers once took their place proudly in the local community; now they can go online, ensuring they are represented everywhere. Ford's 'Feel Football' campaign is a great example of the brand as facilitator, uniting fans by giving them debating points, interviews with football legends, including Ruud Gullit and, oddly, former referee Anders Frisk. A 'Kick It and Win It' competition had asked fans to send in videos of themselves performing football tricks. The six best were then voted on at, and will run during the interval of the UEFA Champions League Final.

The website really is the glue that binds the whole initiative. It's a clever way to leverage the relationship Ford has with UEFA. as well as create serious debate on the issues of today's game. It feels as if the car marque is pushing the boundaries of the web's TV potential, with lots of choice, the ability to manipulate and share content - and significant interactivity.

Presumably, as TV and the internet converge, distinctions between them will become negligible to the consumer. But will the fusion be like TV, plus interactivity; or more like the web, plus TV? The distinction will be worth millions to whoever can make it satisfying for consumers - but it might take more than this campaign to redeem the reputation of Frisk, in the eyes of Chelsea fans at least.

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Anthony Abdool

Creative director, EHS Brann

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