August 14, 2008

The FeedRoom Helping to Power European Broadcasting Union Online Video Coverage of 2008 Beijing Summer Olympic Games

The FeedRoom, a leading provider of Web video solutions for media companies, corporations and government agencies, today announced that it, along with Swiss-based media partner Digotel, is powering the online video portal for as part of the European Broadcasting Union's coverage of the 2008 Beijing Summer Olympic Games beginning today.

Helped in part by the immense global interest in the Games, The FeedRoom has seen record traffic across its network, serving more than 11 million streams over the six days since the events in China commenced.

The FeedRoom is providing both the front-end video library application as well as the underlying content management system for the portal, which is comprised of 30 individual channels from European Broadcasting Union (EBU) countries including France, Spain, Germany and Switzerland.

Each channel streams local-market, native language Olympic coverage to a pan-European audience. Users are able to access both live and on-demand coverage from Beijing 24 hours a day during the two weeks of competition. The EBU initiative represents The FeedRoom's largest European engagement to date and is the first to be deployed on the company's new fourth-generation video platform, which is being rolled out in its entirety throughout 2008.

"We are participating in the transmission of an historic event while at the same time showing the power and capacity of our new platform," Mark Portu, president and CEO of The FeedRoom, said. "We're bringing the power of online video to millions of eyes throughout Europe and extending a great partnership with Digotel."

The FeedRoom and Digotel have partnered to stream European coverage of numerous high-profile events since forming a partnership in 2006.

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