August 15, 2008

McCain’s Tech Plan Revealed

A tax credit on research and development wages and measures that would guarantee Internet neutrality are parts of U.S. Sen. John McCain's technology plan.

The plan, called "John McCain and American Innovation," will be posted on the presumptive Republican presidential candidate's Web site, The Wall Street Journal reported,

The plan calls for a 10 percent tax credit on wages paid to all research and development employees as well as repeat McCain's opposition to Internet taxes. It includes proposals that would guarantee Internet neutrality, meaning Internet providers must treat all legal Internet traffic equally.

The plan's goal is to create "good, high-paying, innovation-oriented 21st-century jobs," said Taylor Griffin a spokesman for the Arizona Republican.

McCain's technology platform also would seek to expand the H1-B visa program to allow foreign workers to "fill the shortfall of qualified labor" in highly skilled technology jobs, Griffin said.

McCain's likely Democratic challenger, Sen. Barack Obama of Illinois, outlined his technology plan in November. He proposed creating a national chief technology officer and called for greater government transparency by posting more information online.