August 16, 2008

Microsoft Offers Sneak Peak Of Windows 7

In October, Microsoft will provide a first glimpse at the technology inside the next version of Windows.

The company said it would unveil engineering information about Windows 7 to select attendees of two technical conferences, the Professional Developers Conference and the Windows Hardware Engineering Conference.

Windows 7 is based on the company's popular Operating system Vista and is set for a January 2010 release.

A new Windows 7 blog written by engineers putting the software together made the announcement of the operating systems sneak peak.

Details about Windows 7 have been scant before now. Writing on the blog the two senior engineers on the project, Jon DeVaan and Steven Sinofsky, said this was because Microsoft did not want to talk up features that never make it to the final product.

The blog said Microsoft was also wary of talking about features and technologies in a way that would cause confusion among its partners.

Microsoft has been reluctant to talk about Windows 7 as it continues to promote Windows Vista as its flagship operating system.

So far, all that is known about Windows 7 is that it will use components from Vista at its core and that it will have a touch interface that, with the appropriate screen, can recognize gestures to complete tasks. For example, pinching the screen could be used to close documents or manipulate images.

Windows 7 will also have more virtualization technologies onboard as well as tools that make it easier for people to get at their data and programs as they use different machines, according to industry speculation.


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