August 18, 2008

FunAdvice Becomes First Question and Answer Site to Offer Customizable Profiles for Users is a place for users to ask questions, give advice and make new friends. Unique in the way it combines questions and answers with social networking, is proving to be a contender to be dealt with in the Q&A world - the site has grown 250 percent in a single year. To celebrate this growth, the site has launched customizable profiles, becoming the first site in the category to do so.

FunAdvice is unique in the way that it combines elements of the traditional Q&A format with social networking features such as photo sharing, groups, interests, friend lists, private messaging and more. Their editable profile feature is expanding into full profile customization which includes changing of profile colors, fonts and background images and content. Users have been highly anticipating this new feature.

"Having customizable profiles will make FunAdvice seem more friendly and fun," said user loulou11, a 16-year-old user from PA named Amanda. "With being able to change the colors everyone will enjoy being able to be an individual. You can put different things that show your personality."

FunAdvice President and co-founder Jeremy Goodrich sees the customizable profiles as a way to showcase the success and uniqueness of the site, which has grown 250 percent since July 2007 and has a solid user base of 2 million visitors per month.

"We're proud to be the first question and answer site with fully customizable profiles, something which Yahoo! Answers, Amazon's Askville, and other competitors have yet to implement," Goodrich said. "Quantcast recently highlighted our growth rate, placing us in the top thousand websites in the U.S. While Wiki Answers and others are publicly traded entities, our passion and loyal community have enabled us to become one of the largest sites in our category. It's a humbling experience to have so many members use our product."

The customizable profile feature was launched August 18 and is available to all members. Registration is free.

About FunAdvice LLC:

FunAdvice is one of the oldest question and answer sites on the web, started in 2003 by Jeremy and two other founders. The free service offers people the ability to ask questions on any topic, categorized into twenty-four different categories. Users can also add friends, upload photos, leave photo and profile comments, and use an internal mail system.