August 19, 2008

The City of Davenport Replaces Websense With Cymphonix

Cymphonix has announced that the City of Davenport in Iowa has replaced Websense as its content filter with the Cymphonix Network Composer DC30X, a secure web gateway solution.

"I found that the Employee Usage reports generated by Websense were extremely difficult to read and, even more so, to explain to a supervisor whose employee's job was potentially on the line. We weren't able to accurately tell the difference between a website that had been intentionally visited by an employee and a popup ad. When you're dealing with a person's career, you need to be 100% sure your reports are accurate. We just didn't feel we had that," said John Sparks, Information Services Supervisor for the City of Davenport.

After researching other competitors and attending an online demo for the Cymphonix product, the City of Davenport opted to replace Websense with the Network Composer based on reporting functionality and displays, as well as the fact that the Network Composer is an in-line hardware device. Being an in-line device allows for 7-layer deep packet inspection of all incoming and outgoing Internet traffic, ultimately stopping users from bypassing filters using anonymous proxies.

"It was great to just plug the hardware into our network rack, turn it on, and be done with it. The Cymphonix setup took maybe 20 minutes and we were able to go home immediately after we shut down our Websense," Sparks continued.

The City of Davenport operates across 23 separate entities including the City Police, Fire Department, Public Works, and Parks and Recreation among others. The Cymphonix Network Composer DC30X was able to quickly reveal employee Internet activity taking place on the City of Davenport's network and provided both IS administrators and employee supervisors alike the confidence necessary to interpret reports quickly and accurately. The City of Davenport was also able to set up specific categories and groups to customize content filtering for each of its 23 divisions.

About Cymphonix

Cymphonix Corporation, headquartered in Salt Lake City, Utah, uses patent-pending technology to reveal, optimize and automate Internet security. With deep-packet scanning technology, Cymphonix solutions address the issues created by evolving content - including web applications and bandwidth-intensive websites. Cymphonix products seamlessly integrate network protection, application performance, and traffic visibility into a single, easily managed solution. Leading the Cymphonix product line is Network Composer, a smart gateway appliance that helps organizations understand at a glance who is abusing network resources and with what applications - enabling problems to be corrected instantly through a clear, easy-to-manage interface. More information about Cymphonix can be found at