August 19, 2008

Livia Web Protection Helps Children Learn Safely on the Web; Allowing Parents to Easily Secure the Internet and Safeguard Children’s Online Activity


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SAN DIEGO, Aug. 19 /PRNewswire/ -- The new school year is upon us and as children head back to the classroom they also head to the computer for online research, homework and lessons. Unfortunately, while a great resource, the Internet also holds online dangers and undesirable content that parents want to shield from their children's eyes.

Today, Total Tech, a provider of innovative Internet security solutions, announced that Livia Web Protection is available to aid parents in protecting their children from online threats and adult material during the coming school year. Livia Web Protection is an easy-to-use, quick-to-install Web filtering solution created to defend families from dangers such as identity theft, phishing, malware and objectionable content deemed inappropriate for children.

"I used to worry about what types of Web sites my children would be going to when I was not around, be it accidental or by choice," said Terry Schaniel, father of four in San Diego. "During the school year, I can't deny them the resource of online research and Livia Web Protection gives me assurance that my kids eyes will be shielded from 'the bad stuff' online, plus I don't have to worry about security threats like spyware or phishing attacks either, Livia protects my PC from those dangers also."

Built on industry-leading Web security technology from Websense, Inc. that safeguards more than 42 million employees and students worldwide, this proven foundation provides the most comprehensive, accurate Web protection available for the home with the Websense database of more than 40 million Web sites.

Livia Web Protection provides an "in the cloud" approach to Web filtering and security for families and their home PCs. This approach means that because Livia Web Protection is hosted and managed by Total Tech, parents don't have to worry about performance issues caused by a large application or a cumbersome Web site database download to their PC. Furthermore, there is no complex installation associated with Livia Web Protection, the software automatically configures itself and within seconds Web filtering is active, providing a true 'set it and forget it' experience for parents.

"For children, the Internet is a priceless knowledge resource for academic research during the school year," said Ken Hamilton, CEO for Total Tech. "The flexibility and accuracy of Web site categorization within Livia allows families and their children to embrace the power of the Internet while eliminating access to adult, pornographic, and potentially hazardous Web sites infected with viruses and malicious code."

With Livia Web Protection, parents are able to easily select which types of Web sites they want to protect their children from with a list of pre- defined categories of Web sites. The selection of Web filtering policies and changes to policies are quick and easy with the click of a button. Once filtering levels are set, browsing to specific Web pages is either allowed or blocked, based on the category of a Web site. If parents block access to adult content and a child accidentally browses to a pornographic Web site, access to that Web site is automatically denied and a block Web page will appear.

With access to the Websense database of categorized Web sites, Livia Web Protection is updated on a continual basis, providing real- time protection from the thousands of unwanted and dangerous Web sites that are discovered each day.

Livia Web Protection is available today from Total Tech. For more information, please visit

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