August 19, 2008

Digital Lightwave Launches MSA 2020 Module for NIC Platform

Digital Lightwave, a provider of optical networking test equipment and technology, has launched the MSA 2020 module for its NIC Platform. The new multi-service analyzer module is claimed to provide a range of testing capability in a single module.

According to the company, its MSA (multi-service analyzer ) 2020 is available with SONET/SDH testing from 51Mbps up to 155Mbps, 622Mbps, 2.5Gbps or 10Gbps. Ethernet testing options are also available, which include 10/100/1000BaseT (dual ports), GigE (dual ports) and 10GigE LAN/WAN interfaces.

Additional license-based test options available for the MSA 2020 include OTN testing at 2.6Gbps and 10.7Gbps, generic framing procedure, 10GigE WAN, 10GigE over OTN and ODU-1 to ODU-2 multiplexing with additional capabilities available soon.

The MSA 2020 is available in all NIC Platform products, including the compact and lightweight two-slot portable chassis and five-slot NIC Plus (portable) and NIC EP (rackmount).

Tom Newhart, director of sales for the Americas at Digital Lightwave, said: "This new module provides multiple capabilities in a single card with the flexibility to provide the features our customers need when they need them. When even more testing capabilities such as 40G and OSA are needed, the MSA 2020 can be combined with other NIC modules to provide a powerful combination in a single portable or rackmount instrument."