August 19, 2008

Officescape Provides Telesecure Computing Service to Enterprise Clients

Officescape, a leading office service and technology provider, presents an enterprise-level Telesecure Computing service which includes Desktop Management, VPN Management and Secure Access Management modules. This suite of services provides essential security and computing management for companies looking to allow remote workers to access secure data and applications quickly and efficiently.

Officescape's Desktop Management utilizes the Teloffice Box computer which does not include a hard drive, eliminating many data security issues, and can be readily installed, managed and supported by Officescape. All necessary data resides on a centralized server which streams the data, application and image to the end-user. The VPN Management service enables companies to outsource the complex management of their VPN for teleworkers. Officescape provides operational monitoring, maintenance and VPN reporting services and network specialists are available 24/7 to provide customer support. Officescape's Secure Access Management (SAM) offers identity and network access management allowing companies to be certain that the right person has access to the right information. User access can be easily controlled with smartcard or USB-based credential authentication.

Telework programs are beneficial to employees and employers alike and produce direct operational cost savings for companies that understand the importance of a well thought out, complete telework plan. Officescape's Telesecure Computing service provides tools that ensure reliability and security for the distributed workforce, the network and vital corporate data. A component to Officescape's holistic Telework530(TM) platform, Telesecure Computing services are essential for enterprises seeking to establish functional and secure telework programs that are transparent, easy to use and easy to manage.

About Officescape

Officescape is a leading Office Service and Technology Provider utilizing advanced technology to fulfill office needs as a service. It has established the industry benchmark with its Office On Demand, Virtual Office and Telework Center services. Officescape is the leader in providing the next generation of office services today, by combining virtual office flexibility with physical office functionality. Officescape's Enterprise Services allow large corporations to utilize tele-office, telecommunication and tele-computing services, all on a single platform. Based in Indianapolis, Officescape is expanding to include locations worldwide. For more information about the company's full line of technologies and services, visit or call 1.888.893.1234.