August 20, 2008

Corvil Unveils Latest Version of Its Latency Management System for High Performance Electronic Trading Networks

DUBLIN, Ireland, Aug. 20 /PRNewswire/ -- Corvil, the technology and market leader in latency management systems for trading network infrastructure, today unveiled CorvilNet 5.0 -- the latest version of its product designed to continuously monitor, analyze and optimize network infrastructure with microsecond granularity to meet the real-time performance and analytical requirements of high frequency electronic trading.

Demands on the trading infrastructure of market centres, broker dealers, hedge funds and service providers have grown exponentially. Despite significant and ongoing spending on infrastructure upgrades, latency still represents a major challenge for the trading environment. Market centres and market members require the ability to baseline latency performance of network and application infrastructure segment by segment, continuously monitor performance against that baseline, instantly identify and diagnose deviations from the required latency and recommend the appropriate actions to re-establish latency compliance.

CorvilNet 5.0 addresses these requirements and provides leading global financial firms with the most comprehensive latency management solution available today. It delivers four key management capabilities for low latency networking:

-- SLA Compliance, which pro-actively specifies and reports compliance of the network and infrastructure against latency and loss SLAs

-- Performance Monitoring, the non-intrusive micro-visibility of application and network performance, across all traffic flows, service channels, classes and links

-- Event Troubleshooting, including automated "Smart Packet Capture" and root-cause analysis in response to programmable-triggers for rapid troubleshooting of complex events

-- Network Optimization, uniquely determines the network actions required to meet latency and loss performance SLAs

"The CorvilNet 5.0 release offers the most complete visibility, analysis and diagnostics capability for network and application infrastructure in electronic trading environments," said Donal O'Sullivan, VP of Product Management at Corvil Ltd. "The product has been in field trials with existing customers and new prospects for three months now, and has been very well received, as evidenced by several pre-release orders for the product."

CorvilNet 5.0 is supported on the CNE-100, CNE-1000, CNE-2500, and CNE-5000 platforms. These appliances provide a range of Fast Ethernet, Gigabit Ethernet, and 10 Gigabit Ethernet monitoring port options. With its continuous real-time "monitor, analyze, optimize" approach, CorvilNet has already won more than 30 customers both through direct sales and through sales of the Cisco version of the product -- Bandwidth Quality Manager (BQM). Reference customers include Credit Suisse, BT, London Stock Exchange, and Deutsche Borse Systems.

About Corvil: Corvil is the technology and market leader in Network and Application Latency Management Systems for Capital Markets. Corvil's products offer SLA Compliance, Performance Monitoring, Event Troubleshooting and Network Optimization to provide a complete solution to all aspects of latency management. Corvil's customers include leading Exchanges, Investment Banks, Hedge Funds and Service Providers globally who demand the highest network and application performance for their business, and their customers. Headquartered in Dublin, Ireland, the company's investors include Apax Partners, Cisco Systems, ACT Venture Capital, and Vesbridge Partners

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