August 20, 2008

Arbor Networks’ Founders Recognized With ACM SIGCOMM’s ‘Test of Time Award’ for Groundbreaking Paper on Internet Routing Instability

Arbor Networks, a leading provider of secure service control solutions for global networks, today announced that the company's founders have been recognized with the prestigious ACM SIGCOMM Test of Time Award for their groundbreaking paper on Internet routing instability. SIGCOMM annually recognizes papers published in the past 10 to 12 years in Computer Communication Review or any SIGCOMM sponsored or co-sponsored conference that is deemed to be an outstanding body of research and whose contents are still a vibrant and useful contribution today. The awards were announced yesterday at the annual SIGCOMM Conference in Seattle, Washington.

"The Test of Time award recognizes that this research played a fundamental role in charting the underpinnings of the Internet and played an important role in guiding the Internet's evolution," said Rob Malan, Arbor Networks co-founder and chief technology officer.

The paper titled "Internet Routing Instability" was authored by Dr. Farnam Jahanian, a professor of Computer Science and Engineering at the University of Michigan, along with two of his students at the time, Rob Malan and Craig Labovitz. Today, Jahanian continues his work at the University and is also the co-founder and chairman of Arbor Networks. Dr. Rob Malan is a co-founder and chief technology officer at Arbor and Dr. Craig Labovitz is Arbor's chief scientist.

The paper examined the network inter-domain routing information exchanged between backbone service providers at the major U.S. public Internet exchange points. The research showed that the volume of these routing updates is several orders of magnitude more than expected and that the majority of this routing information is redundant, or pathological. Furthermore, the research revealed several unexpected trends and ill-behaved systematic properties in Internet routing. The paper offered a number of explanations for these anomalies and evaluated their potential impact on the Internet infrastructure.

"This paper identified several important trends and anomalies in inter-domain routing behavior," said Farnam Jahanian, co-founder and chairman of Arbor Networks. "It also led to additional research examining the stability and security of the Internet's underlying infrastructure and eventually, to the founding of Arbor Networks."

"Arbor continues to be an exciting place to do research. Arbor's position within the service provider community has given us access to a data set that we could have never imagined 10 years ago," said Dr. Craig Labovitz, Arbor's chief scientist. "We work closely with our customers to help them understand what is happening on the Internet from a traffic and a threat perspective. This type of research is especially rewarding because it involves developing solutions to real-world problems that our customers are facing."

Today, Arbor's customers include more than 70 percent of the world's ISPs and many large enterprises. Arbor solutions deliver best-in-class network security and visibility, along with the power to improve profitability by deploying differentiated, revenue-generating secure services. By employing flow-based and deep packet inspection (DPI) technologies, Arbor solutions measure and protect the entire network -- from the service provider core to the broadband edge.

Arbor has become a trusted partner of the Internet Service Provider (ISP) community, developing numerous, innovative industry initiatives that require cross-provider collaboration and sharing of anonymized data. To date, Arbor has successfully launched the Fingerprint Sharing Alliance (FSA), a first-of-its-kind industry initiative aimed at helping network operators share Internet attack information automatically; Arbor's annual Worldwide Infrastructure Security Report, and ATLAS, the world's first globally scoped threat analysis network, which uses technology embedded in the world's largest ISP networks to sense and report on comprehensive worldwide threat intelligence.

About Arbor Networks

Arbor Networks is a leading provider of security and network management solutions for global business networks, including more than 70 percent of the world's Internet service providers and many of the largest enterprise networks in use today. Arbor delivers secure service control solutions that both protect global networks from the edge to the core from a host of threats, as well as help customers gain network-wide visibility they can translate into actionable business intelligence to generate new forms of revenue and maintain a competitive advantage. Arbor's solutions give customers a single, unified view into their networks' performance, helping them to quickly detect anomalous behavior, mitigate threats and enforce policy. Arbor also maintains the world's first globally scoped threat analysis network -- ATLAS -- which uses technology embedded in the world's largest ISP networks to sense and report on comprehensive worldwide threat intelligence.

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