August 20, 2008

UC HUB, INC. Announces Global TV Network Officially Launched With Blockbuster Top Hits and Pay Per View

UC HUB, INC. (OTCBB: UCHB), a publicly traded company currently on the Over the Counter, announces Global TV Network has launched with new content, and the new GlobalTV.ME. Global TV Network is a TV Broadcasting model designed to offer 1000s of international TV stations for free from around the world, while designing and selling to private individuals their own TV Network and TV Channel. WhoTube is now up and advertised as the next GlobalTV.ME. Management believes that individuals and groups will soon further dictate and author their own TV Channels. Global TV and the terabyte storage facility with major international TV content is a fine partner program for companies and individuals like celebrities and politicians who want their channel. Now Global TV will begin setting up a soon to be announced "cause driven network" that can tie fund raising to all members and respective content resulting in custom channels and custom fund raising.

About UC Hub Group Inc.:

UC Hub Group Inc. operates as a software development, marketing and digital distribution company for transaction based operations on the web and mobile phone.

About Global TV Network:

The Global TV Network is an ISP Portal broadcasting in all languages around the world; their portal has been designed to open in 156 languages in all the top countries. They also stream TV programming in all languages any where in the world for the first worldwide TV broadcasting Network. Global TV Network broadcasting portal can be seen at:

View ISP Portal: (sign up free to view)

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