August 20, 2008

Safeguard Summer Memories With a Custom Data Backup Plan From Support.Com

Summer is a time for making memories to last a lifetime. Weddings, vacations and even lazy Saturdays by the pool mean digital photos, videos and summer playlists that will serve as important reminders for years to come., the leader in solving personal computer problems quickly over a broadband connection, is ready to help safeguard those memories with these tips for backing up your important files:

 --  Know Your Options. There are several options for backing up your     important data.  Keeping a removable storage device connected to your     computer means backups can happen without you needing to lift a finger.     Alternately, online backup sites ensure that your data is distributed and     safer in the case of a localized disaster like an earthquake or fire. --  Backup Continually.  If you have an attached storage device, you can     set your system to backup automatically as changes are made to your data.     If your storage device is not always attached, set it to sync and backup     your data whenever you plug it in. --  Handle Precious Memories with Care.  For once-in-a-lifetime events     like weddings, childhood memories and vacations, creating CDs of photos to     distribute to friends and family lets you share memories and acts as a     distributed backup to protect against localized data loss. --  Don't Rely On Online Photo Hosting Sites as Backup. Photo hosting     sites are a great way to share memories with friends and family.  If     someone posts photos of your special day, make sure to save copies locally     and back them up -- don't assume they will always be available on the site. --  Create a Backup Plan For Back-to-School. For students, setting up     "version backups" is critical.  You never know when you might suddenly need     a paragraph from a previous version of a paper.  Version backups also     prevent late-night catastrophes like accidentally saving over an important     document. --  Customize Your Backup Plan. Every family, business and individual has     unique needs and priorities.  If you're not sure what kind of plan suits     you best, let the experts at listen to your concerns and craft     a custom plan to help make sure your data is safe.'s expert     Solutions Engineers will work with you to create the ideal backup scenario,     then connect to your computer via a secure remote connection to put your     plan in action.      

To get you started on your way to creating and saving this year's summer memories, announces the Safeguard Your Summer Memories Sweepstakes. Enter once per day at for the chance to win a grand prize pack including a Canon Powershot SD750 digital camera, Epson PictureMate Dash Photo Printer, a Seagate FreeAgent Pro External Hard Drive for backing up your files, plus PC Tune and Protect and Data Backup services. Three runners up will also receive a PC Tune and Protect service from The sweepstakes starts today and runs through November 1, 2008.

Data Backup Service is available for $49.99 at or by calling 1-800-PC-Support.

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