August 20, 2008

Paper-Like Display Industry Report 2007 Available Now

Research and Markets ( has announced the addition of the "Paper-Like Display Industry Report 2007" report to their offering.

Different from the common fiber paper, the paper-like display, in the narrow sense, is a kind of electricity-conductive and high-molecular material contains many micro spheres, while its appearance is same to the common paper with softness and can display the data repeatedly. In the paper-like display technology, the size of the micro sphere represents the pixel of display, and the characteristic of the micro sphere is to change its status by the external pressure drive. The feature of paper-like display is to change by the external drive pressure, therefore, the material is electricity-conductive, and finally, the high-molecular is to strengthen the flexibility of paper-like display, so it can be bend like the common paper. In the broad sense, all kinds of paper with reflect and memory, and without back light display are the paper-like display. The largest difference between paper-like display and LCD is that LCD needs back light, but paper-like display not. Next, LCD is without the memory, while paper-like display has.

Advantages of Paper-like Display

The sight and reading is comparatively good, even the long staring won't make the eyes feel tired, and it can adjust and process on the surface;

High comparison, which is to display by the rays reflected by the environment, and the stronger the environment rays are, the higher the comparison is. Compared to LCD depended on its own light, it is more suitable for the outdoor watch particularly. In addition, its reflectivity is six times to LCD, and the comparison is double times to LCD and newspaper respectively;

Environmental friendly and decrease the use of paper. If the newspaper, textbook, and file etc, all replaced by the paper-like display, it not only cut down the cost of printing, publishing and transportation, but also can eliminate the printing to decrease the pollution;

Low electricity consumption, and the paper-like display is with the double stability, and the picture has memory function, in addition, when the picture is immobile, and no electricity consumption is wasted;

High differentiate rate, the multiple products can achieve the differentiate rate of 200dpi, and the experimental product can be higher;

Thin, without the back light module, and the thickness can be thin as well as light. The thickness is generally 0.5 mm, while LCD is 2 mm;

With the potential of low cost, without the back light module and strict packaging, it is feasible to adopt the solution treatment technology, such as printing;

Low investment cost, the glass board is selective, and the expensive production line is not required;

The board is flexible, which can be glass, resin, metal and other surfaces;

Wide visual angle, due to the micro sphere structure and the wide reflective area, the visual angle can be 180 degree. Meanwhile, LCD requires the additional special adjustment to reach more than 80 degree.

Disadvantages of Paper-like Display

The response time is slow, and the best response time of the paper-like display is about 50ms, and the time for the multiple paper-like display is about 200-500ms, while LCD is usually 15-30ms, which means that the paper-like display can not play the continuous pictures;

It is difficult to achieve the colorful picture, as the principle of paper-like display is the black and white particles, it should add the color filter if wants to display the color. Although LCD requires the color filter as well, the brightness and comparison of the paper-like display will decrease if adds the color filter;

The low yield rate leads to the high cost, and the main process is the chemical working procedure with the hard control, currently, a large shipment should be required to probe to improve the yield rate experience;

Complicated drive;

Short lifespan, which is only about 5-10 years, is not suitable for the long-duration products, such as automobile.

The paper-like display has the wide market potential, and currently, the main market is the electronic price tag and electronic book reader.

The largest market of the electronic book reader is of the students, and

Key Topics Covered:

1 Paper-like Display Overview

1.1 Concept

1.2 Achieving Means

1.2.1 Electrochemical Reaction

1.2.2 Light Read-in Type

1.2.3 Electrophoresis Model Particulate Type

1.2.4 Micro Capsule Electrophoresis Model

1.2.5 Spray-ink Luminescence Polymer

1.2.6 Microcup Paper-like Display

1.2.7 Electronic Powder Fluid

1.2.8 Comparison of Paper-like Display Technologies

1.2.9 Latest Trend of Paper-like Display

1.3 Advantages and Disadvantages of Paper-like Display

2 E-INK Paper-like Display Industry Chain

2.1 E-INK Paper-like Display Industry Chain

2.2 Key Manufacturers of E-INK Paper-like Display Industry Chain

2.2.1 E-INK

2.2.2 PVI

3 Main Application Fields and Market Research of Paper-like Display

3.1 Electronic Price Tag

3.1.1 Brief Introduction

3.1.2 Market

3.1.3 Sipix

3.1.4 ZBD

3.2 Electronic Book Reader

3.2.1 Market

3.2.2 Sony

3.2.3 Tianjin Jinke

3.2.4 IREX

3.2.5 ERead Technology

3.3 Other Application Fields

3.3.1 Weather Forecast Browser

3.3.2 Mobile Phone

4 Flexible Paper-like Display Manufacturers

4.1 Seiko Epson

4.2 Plastic Logic

4.3 Polymer Vision

Selected Charts:

Paper-like Display Products

E-INK Electronic Ink Micro Sphere

E-INK Paper-like Display Unit

E-INK Paper-like Display Industry Chain


Income and Gross Profit Margin Statistics and Forecast of PVI, 2004-2008

Paper-like Display Market Scale and Shipment Statistics and Forecast, 2005-2013

ESL System

SIPIX Character Paper-like Display Principle

SIPIX Initiative Paper-like Display Principle

Smart Card Paper-like Display Application Technology Module

ZBD Liquid Crystal Display Structure

ZBD EPOPS System Module

Global Electronic Book Reader Market Shipment Statistics and Forecast, 2005-2010

IREX Product Line

IREX Digital Publishing System


PLASTIC LOGIC Production Line

Companies Mentioned:




Tianjin Jinke

Seiko Epson

Plastic Logic

Polymer Vision

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