June 1, 2005

SBC Slashes DSL Price to $14.95 a Month

SAN ANTONIO (AP) -- SBC Communications Inc. (SBC), the nation's second-largest local phone company, on Wednesday announced it will offer high-speed Internet access service for only $14.95 per month when new residential subscribers order SBC Yahoo DSL Express online.

The limited-time-only price, which undercuts many rivals' dial-up Internet access plans, is applicable with a 12-month term. For customers wanting faster Internet service, the SBC Yahoo DSL Pro service is available for $24.99 per month for 12 months if ordered online.

The online offers also include a $99 instant credit toward a $149 SBC Yahoo DSL Wireless Home Networking kit, a $179 laptop home networking bundle or a $99 DSL modem.

"The online advantage we're giving customers also benefits us," said Scott Helbing, senior vice president of SBC Consumer Marketing. "Web transactions allow us to lower our cost of doing business. Plus we improve customer satisfaction because a growing number of consumers want the convenience of always-available self-service over the Web. And most important, we grow our business because we can offer customers the values that motivate them to switch from cable Internet or upgrade from dial Internet access."