August 22, 2008

Small Talk Yeller Bellies Singer Talks of True Country

By Jason Bracelin



The Yeller Bellies' hellacious, 100-proof foot stomp is more fun than an open bar. Well, almost. Singer/mandolinist Rob "Yeller" Bell sounds off on true country and the best places in Vegas to get loaded.

What do you sound like?

Alley cats' yowling love sonnets. The crackling of a claw hammer banjo on the fire. Tin cans and 10-penny nails. A wad o' country and rawk 'n' roll between the cheek and gums. A salty spittoon of honky- tonk and Motorhead.

What tunes go best with a long night of boozing?

Singalong murder ballads. "Liquor, Beer and Wine" from the Rev. Horton Heat. Tom Waits. "Tijuana Taxi" by Herb Alpert, a mucho fun tune. Songs about drunks dialing ex-girlfriends.

What are your favorite local watering holes?

The Sin City Saloon, it's cramped, real and divey. What more could you ask for? The Bunkhouse - live music, and comfy chairs to nod off in while you're being pummeled with the local sounds. Beauty Bar. It's in the heart of downtown with an outdoor stage. Nothin' like boozin' to live music being played in a back alley.

What are some real country albums that everyone should own?

Anything from Hank Williams Sr., a true country visionary with a boozy swing and tunes about life, love and leaving. Slim Cessna's Auto Club, "Always Say Please and Thank You." God and the devil lock horns nightly in this project from Denver. The Man in Black. David Allen Coe, outlaw country at its best ... and worst. Slim Whitman was always nice. He killed the martians, you know.

What artists do you find as off-putting as sobriety?

Anything on the current "free" radio. Songs with guest rappers. Celebrity remixes of popular albums. "Kids Bop" (essentially aural assault and battery). Tunes by Rainbow Pegasus. The Eagles. Actors trying to gain more credibility (Bruce Willis) when they have no talent whatsoever (Corey Feldman). Esteban. Time-Life Collections. "Freedom Rock," man.

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