August 22, 2008

AT&T Launches Home Services Care Program

AT&T has launched ConnecTech, a 50-state home services care program that is designed to take customer service, and the company's own support capabilities, to the next level.

AT&T ConnecTech provides a full suite of in-home services for virtually all technical support needs. For residential customers nationwide - AT&T and non-AT&T customers alike - ConnecTech offers television and home theater installation and personal computer and home network setup, plus an extensive list of repair services.

From home theater planning and consultations to new hardware installation and notebook repair, AT&T ConnecTech provides a customized portfolio for virtually all consumer services. Specifically, AT&T ConnecTech provides in-home and over-the-phone support services - including next-day service installation, seven days a week - for a broad range of TV and PC needs.

Carmen Nava, senior vice president of consumer marketing operations at AT&T, said: "AT&T has long been a familiar face in the homes of Americans - first installing phone service, high speed Internet service and now AT&T U-verse TV."