August 25, 2008

Tulsan in New Web Series, but It Was ‘a Long Road’


Tulsa's David Loren adds a role as frat-boy college student to his resume with the new online series "Sorority Forever," coming Sept. 8 to The (

The Web site (the former WB Network come back to life on the Internet), launches Aug. 27. It will feature Warner Bros. classic TV series as well as original Web series.

Loren, whose first professional acting role was in the film "Manje" (and then the short film "September 12th") plays Matthew, a pharmacy and pre-med major crushing on a sorority girl while being "crushed" by one of her sisters. The new series comes from uber- successful film director/producer McG and Big Fantastic, who produced the hit digital series "Prom Queen."

"When we heard McG was behind this, it was kind of exciting and, at the same time, a little nerve-wracking because you find out just how big a scale this thing is," said Loren, who graduated from Union High School and earned his bachelor's in theater from TU in 2004.

"This is the guy who directed 'Charlie's Angels' and will direct 'Terminator 4,' so you want to do your best and make a good impression," Loren said in a recent phone interview from Los Angeles. "It's his first big endeavor into this new frontier of media."

But not the first for Loren, who starred as high school senior Chad, aka "Most Likely Professional Athlete," in the hit Webisoap mystery "Prom Queen" for the past two seasons and is about to start work on a third. The series, which premiered April 2007 on MySpace, was the first Internet video series produced by former Disney CEO Michael Eisner.

Loren's mystery/drama series -- made up of 40 two-minute Webisodes -- was shot in June. It will be available at on Sept. 8.

"It starts out kind of popcorny," he said, "but then you see this deeper level into the sorority and the interior workings of it and the power. And then there's some shady stuff and it turns into a thriller."

Loren would like his Web series, along with his other roles and the independent feature he is shooting now, to lead to film work.

"It's a process, a long process," said Loren, who comes home to Tulsa to see his mother, Elsa Lewis, at least twice a year. "It's (about) starting off and paying your dues. Those with quick hits are usually just a flash in the pan. I've only been here for 2 1/2 years. Matt Damon said you're lucky to have a soft bed and a warm meal in your first years in the business.

"I've gone in for a lot of decent network shows, but it takes time to build up a name. Shows like 'Sorority Forever' and 'Prom Queen' will help me get that name and move into mainstream film.

"My advice to anyone heading to L.A.? Have patience and find something you can do in your everyday life that brings you joy, because it's a long road."

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