August 26, 2008

Hisco Chooses NCP Engineering As Sole Provider of VPN Client Software

Leading provider of endpoint security and VPN solutions, NCP engineering GmbH (, today announced it has become the sole provider of VPN client software for Texas-based Hisco, Inc. (, a specialty distribution company serving the electronic assembly and other industrial markets. The company chose to adopt the NCP Secure Entry Client because it is completely compatible with all third-party VPN gateways, in addition to providing a stable IPSec tunnel and Symbol support.

"We looked at several VPN clients and NCP's was by far the easiest to configure and prevented vendor lock in terms of any future network updates or build-outs we might undertake," said Daniel Torres, systems analyst, Hisco, Inc. "The GUI is so intuitive and easy to use, converting everything a user needs to know into simple pictures. User training is almost not needed for our staff -- it's that easy."

The bundled NCP Secure Entry Client provides Hisco a single software solution that integrates data encryption, a dynamic personal firewall, Friendly Net Detection, and one-time password token and certificate support through a public key infrastructure (PKI). The dynamic firewall allows Hisco to set policies for ports, IP addresses and segments, as well as applications. The Friendly Net Detection, created by NCP engineering, forces the network to identify itself to the device, preventing any data packet transfer until a safe network has been detected. Configuration and policy logic are easily set and managed centrally or through the NCP Secure Entry Client itself.

"Hisco's remote inventory staff works at client sites recording products with their handheld scanners, and needs to be able to reorder stock at a moment's notice to keep the supply chain moving and their core business growing," said Simon Ford, international director, NCP engineering. "Corporate policy wouldn't allow connections from outside ISPs to Hisco's network without a secure VPN, limiting the team's effectiveness. They needed a strong client that could be implemented quickly, required very little management and worked with existing infrastructure."

A 30-day trial version of NCP Secure Entry Client offering unrestricted use is available online at:

About Hisco, Inc.

Hisco is an employee-owned specialty distribution company serving the electronic assembly and other industrial markets. In addition, Hisco also specialized warehousing for chemical management, cold storage and logistic services. Hisco includes 27 stocking locations -- 20 in the U.S. and seven operated by the HiscoMex subsidiary in Mexico -- plus four Precision Converting facilities that provide fabrication and custom repackaging. More information is available at

About NCP engineering GmbH

NCP, headquartered in Nuremberg, Germany, is a provider of application and industry-neutral communication software for highly secure data transmission in public networks and the Internet. Core competencies are in the areas of Remote Access, IP-Routing, VPN and Firewall Technologies, Identity and Access Management (IAM), Network Access Control (NAC) as well as strong Authentication and Integration of PKI-Infrastructures. Under the guiding principle of "Secure Communications," the firm develops products and solutions for the areas of mobile computing, teleworking, e-commerce, online banking, production data acquisition, system control (remote maintenance) and branch office networking. NCP's technology guarantees integration and compatibility with products from other manufacturers. NCP relies on collaboration with technology partners and OEM partners, and on sales via distributors and certified system houses for national and international marketing.

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SOURCE: NCP engineering GmbH