August 26, 2008

InvisibleCRM Launches New Version of Outlook Integration Product

InvisibleCRM, a technology provider of applications designed to bridge the gap between enterprise applications and personal information management systems, has launched the Outlook Integration product for Amdocs CES - CRM 7.5 - a new release of Amdocs's customer management solutions.

InvisibleCRM's Outlook Integration brings together Amdocs customer management applications and MS Outlook to create a unified workplace. The result is improved user productivity and satisfaction, increased data quality and integrity, and clear visibility and forecasting.

InvisibleCRM's product provides an Outlook-like user interface (UI) access and synchronization of select, sales related data stored in Amdocs customer management applications - such as contacts, leads, action items, and calendar items - helping users to stay in their favorite personal information management environment and work more effectively. It also allows users to link MS Outlook email and messages to Amdocs customer management applications.

According to the company, Outlook Integration for Amdocs eliminates duplicate data entry across MS Outlook and Amdocs customer management applications and removes the need to toggle between two sets of information saving valuable time and avoiding data errors. Users can work with Amdocs information offline via Outlook; Outlook Integration for Amdocs will automatically synchronize data at their next Amdocs system login. This product also serves as common synchronization point between handhelds, PDAs, smart phones and Amdocs customer management applications via Outlook

Vlad Voskresensky, CEO of InvisibleCRM, said: "We constantly strive to deliver value-added, complementary user productivity solutions for market leading enterprise applications such as Amdocs CES - CRM 7.5. Our Outlook Integration product for Amdocs allows sales staff to work both in Amdocs customer management applications and Outlook systems in a very efficient manner, resulting in improved user productivity and satisfaction."