August 26, 2008

VMdirect Enhances Compensation Plan

LAS VEGAS, Aug. 26 /PRNewswire-FirstCall/ -- VMdirect, the marketing division of DigitalFX International, Inc. , announced the launch of compensation plan enhancements which are designed to drastically increase pay to its Affiliate marketing base, while improving customer retention.

"We already had a powerful compensation plan, rich with bonuses and onetime commissions. Now it quickly covers the monthly subscription fees associated with being in business with VMdirect," said Amy Black, President and Founder of VMdirect. "With the economy worsening, it was important we enhanced our program so our business partners could create a more lucrative multiple stream of income. The new enhancements are absolutely brilliant and are already creating a buzz of excitement within our Affiliate base not seen before."

Under the new enhancements, participating Affiliates will pay a slightly higher monthly fee and receive a 20% monthly bonus on all their renewing personally enrolled business partners who are enrolled in the new plan, just as they do now on their retail customers. Along with the 20% bonus, they will continue to receive the 2% to 5% commission on their current earnings from the monthly subscription fees paid by their partners and customers.

This new plan is offered as an optional upgrade path for our Affiliate network. Those who desire to be paid on the existing plan may do so.

"We believe a majority of our Affiliate base will upgrade as it just makes good economic sense," Black said. "For example, when one of our Affiliates builds an organization of 6 business partners who resell the products and services, and has 3 retail customers subscribing to our helloWorld or First Stream communication tools, they earn roughly $18 US dollars per month. With the new enhancements, this same Affiliate will now earn approximately $120 US dollars, covering a majority, if not all of their monthly fee for their home based business. On average now it will only take 5 business partners to cover monthly fees, making this perhaps the most lucrative plan in the home based business sector."

VMdirect Affiliates market DigitalFX powerful web-based streaming video digital asset management solutions.

About VMdirect

VMdirect is the marketing division of DigitalFX International . DigitalFX International is a creator of web-based products such as streaming live and on-demand video, video email and digital storage that because of their extremely low cost for the first time brings the next generation Internet revolution to individuals through its, and small and medium-sized businesses via its The company also develops and markets proprietary communication and collaboration services, and social networking software applications, including its flagship product, called The Studio. The Studio is a cost-effective, all-in-one, web-based solution that allows users to send email and video email, group chat with video, conduct a private, public or pay-per-view live webcast, upload digital content, and post videos on demand in multiple media formats. For more information about DigitalFX, please visit us at

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