August 26, 2008

A.E.T. Europe B.V. And Crosscheck Networks Partner to Deliver Industry-First SOA Testing Solution for Strong Authentication

BOSTON, Aug. 26 /PRNewswire/ -- Crosscheck Networks, the leading provider of SOA Testing products, today announced a partnership with A.E.T. Europe B.V. (AET), market leader in strong authentication with cryptographic tokens and Digital ID Management. The partnership enables Crosscheck Networks to provide SOA customers worldwide the ability to test WS-Security operations using hardware based smart cards and USB tokens as well as test secure SSL session with dynamic X509 client authentication using the hardware smart card certificate. The integration of SafeSign Identity Client (IC) with SOAPSonar testing product allows customers to quickly validate the interoperability of SOA client applications that utilize hardware-based smartcards for secure signed or encrypted SOAP/XML messages when communicating with SOA infrastructure components.

"AET is the market and technology leader when it comes to middleware for cryptographic tokens. Crosscheck Networks is pleased to partner with a company that delivers strong authentication worldwide to over 10 million users with more than 70 cards and USB tokens from more than 10 different manufacturers," said Jack Hembrough, Board Advisor Crosscheck Networks.

Crosscheck Networks' industry-leading SOA testing software, SOAPSonar, is based on four pillars of SOA testing -- functional regression, performance, security, and compliance. The product simplifies testing at each stage of the SOA lifecycle.

"We are seeing increased use cases in Europe of SOA client applications utilizing hardware-based smartcards for SOAP-XML message cryptography," said Reinoud Weijman, Managing Director of AET. "SOAPSonar's integration with SafeSign IC allows SOA customers to easily test hardware-based cryptography for SOAP-XML before deploying production SOA client applications."

About AET

The Dutch company A.E.T. Europe B.V. (AET), headquartered in Arnhem and founded in 1998, is committed to IT security. AET offers its customers ingenious solutions based on worldwide accepted standards for e-commerce and information security.

AET is setting new standards in the crucial business area of developing middleware for smart cards and USB tokens with its SafeSign Identity Client. Another of AET's bestsellers its BlueX Digital ID Management. This well-known and extremely adaptable system supports the simplification and automation of individual steps for the digital ID management process.

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Crosscheck Network's mission is to provide products for testing, diagnosing and controlling enterprise Web Services. Crosscheck Networks' products provide QA professionals, security personnel, and compliance officers with necessary information about the functional completeness, scalability, security and interoperability compliance of their Service Oriented Architecture (SOA). Through SOAPSonar(TM) -- industry leading comprehensive SOA testing product -- IT professionals make more informed decisions that enable their companies to stay within corporate quality and regulatory boundaries. The SOA diagnostics architecture is the first in the industry to encompass security, compliance, performance and functional regression under a unified architectural framework. The architecture enables the product to be deployed from the core to the perimeter of an enterprise. Visit Crosscheck Networks at

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