August 26, 2008

Nielsen Norman Group Selects The Magellan Network’s Seating Management to Its List of 10 Best Application User Interfaces (UIs)

Nielsen Norman Group (NNg) has named Seating Management, an online reservation and seating management application for restaurants developed by the Magellan Network (TMN), to its list of the 10 best-designed application user interfaces for 2008. The list comprises submissions from companies around the world. Winning applications were recognized for their emphasis on user experience to meet the exact needs of the customer, without the burden of unnecessary features and technology.

TMN, which develops technology-based products and services that connect restaurants and guests with better information, service and opportunities, designed Seating Management as a replacement for and upgrade to the reservation book, wait list and floor plan typically found at the hostess stand in restaurants. The application manages all reservations and walk-in guests to coordinate seating and table turns.

Seating management also organizes and prioritizes daily restaurant operations. It gives hosts and hostesses feedback about their performance in estimating wait times and minimizing empty seats, while collecting information that can be used to improve guest relations.

"We have incorporated TMN's products into our daily operations, and they've offered obvious value from the start," says Gianfranco Marrocco, president of Mediterraneo Caffe, Providence, RI. "They improve our guests' experience, increase our profits and are simple for our employees to use."

NNg selected Seating Management because of the way it enables restaurants to manage large amounts of information while giving users a single view of complexity. For example, Seating Management "shows which tables are expected to be vacated (and when), as indicated by color-coding on a floor plan of the restaurant. As an application monitoring a physical environment, Seating Management didn't set out to interrupt hostess work in any way. If a hostess wants to seat five guests at a table that the database says has a capacity of four, the system won't halt the running of the restaurant by saying that it can't be done. Maybe that party looked friendly enough that they can squeeze in an extra chair."

According to Chris Poelma, TMN chief operating officer, "Our goal was to develop a product that is as easy to use as pencil and paper, an application that will help hosts and hostesses to do their jobs more effectively and increase both revenue and customer satisfaction for the restaurant. We are honored to be recognized by NNg for achieving that goal."

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