August 26, 2008

Bloggers Stream LIVE, Online Video Coverage From The Big Tent at the Democratic National Convention Through Leading Live Streaming Partner, uStream

Bloggers are broadcasting LIVE video coverage of all events taking place in The Big Tent, a dedicated space for new media journalists and bloggers during the Democratic National Convention. The public has a front row seat in real time, with access to all speeches, panels and interviews taking place in the Big Tent, a first-of-its-kind event for new media journalists covering the convention. The Big Tent features some of the most influential people in America, from T. Boone Pickens to Van Jones, and numerous other notables who will be discussing critical issues surrounding the election. uStream is the exclusive streaming partner for the Big Tent as well as the Republican National Convention next week.

 WHEN:     August 25-29, 2008  WHERE:    All coverage from The Big Tent at the Democratic National Convention is streaming live from convention-bloggers. Senator Obama will also stream his speeches from coverage.  WHO:      Democratic National Convention Speakers, Media, Attendees and the Public 

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