August 26, 2008

AMC Moves to Close ‘Mad Men’ Twitterings

The AMC network has moved to shut down some of the social networking on the Web site Twitter based on its show "Mad Men," the Hollywood Reporter said.

On the Twitter site, fans frequently speak to each other in the voices of characters from popular television shows, which is perfectly legal. But the trade journal said AMC became concerned that some of the Web site's users were producing confusion as to whether or not they were speaking with the endorsement of AMC itself, which, if true, would violate copyright laws.

The Reporter, citing unnamed sources, said AMC officials asked Twitter's administrators to remove posts and block users it thought were misrepresenting themselves as speaking for "Mad Men's" producers.

Sources told the newspaper that AMC's move could set a precedent for the popular Twitter Web site, adding that there have been disagreements within the network over the benefits of the free publicity for the critically acclaimed show, which has seen its ratings drop sharply in its second season.