August 26, 2008

Internet Media Technology Cuts Video Broadband Distribution Costs By Up to 97%

ReelTime Rentals, Inc. announces drastic cost-cutting technology for Internet media providers.

Increasing broadband costs for online media companies are showing no signs of abating in the today's ever increasing Internet-centered world. Fact is, for technology companies delivering online media content over the Internet, traditional server based delivery networks are plagued with high upfront capital expenditures to build out data centers in every region where content is intended to be viewed. However, there is a solution: IRDS.'s Intelligent Rapid Distribution System (IRDS) was created with the sole end-goal of completely "reinventing the way video is delivered over the internet by major video portals such as ABC, Netflix, Vongo, Cinema Now, Movielink and even Google's YouTube," says CEO Barry Henthorn.

At present, the company has secured content distribution deals partnerships with Sony Entertainment, LG Sports Marketing, Lightworks NxT and Laguna Productions, TruBlu/At&T and Disney.

Media and technology innovator Barry Henthorn believes, "By utilizing, to a large extent, the bandwidth and computing power of the end user, ReelTime's patent-pending IRDS technology has the potential capacity to cut bandwidth costs of major media providers, by up to 97%."

"In many cases within online media distribution, the most popular titles are the most expensive for the provider to deliver," says Henthorn, "With ReelTime's technology, however, the most popular titles become the least expensive to deliver, creating the highest margin relative to delivery cost."

Henthorn adds, "As I noted in the Mid-Year Letter to Shareholders, 'The cost-cutting effect of this technology would be likely to significantly benefit any company attempting to distribute media -- of virtually any type -- via the Internet.'"

To speak to Henthorn about the future of broadband and what investors needs to know about online media, please contact him @ [email protected], or call Joe DeLaura at (732) 904-3872.

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SOURCE: ReelTime Rentals, Inc.