August 27, 2008

Press Release Distribution From 24-7PressRelease.Com. Can Such A Press Release Service Enhance Your Marketing and SEO Strategy?

NEW YORK, Aug. 27 /PRNewswire/ -- You only have to type in the url and you will come across an innovative website that pays particular attention to search engine optimization, excellent press distribution and superior customer service - all at an affordable cost.

What is drawing the attention of SEO companies, PR firms and marketing agencies? In an underperforming economy money is tight. Making smarter choices and finding a better value for your dollar is essential. This is exactly what the draw is to People are finding that for $89 they can attach videos to their press release, have key words/phrases linked back to their website all in a news release with excellent distribution.

"We are starting to see the interest grow in our Private Branding press release distribution option. This option gives publishers that submit volume press releases with a press release page that is custom tailored to look like their own website, including links back to their own internal pages. We have found this to be very successful with marketing agencies and SEO companies wanting to drive more traffic to their site while at the same time reaping the benefits of links pointing back to their site," said Michael Iwasaki, managing partner of

"We know September onward will be extremely busy with publishers looking to capitalize on affordable press release distribution that will also enhance their search engine rankings. As our site is ranked extremely well with top search engines, the benefits naturally rub off. Starting at only $49 for full press release distribution, with key words linking back to your site and the inclusion of images, they cannot go wrong," continued Iwasaki.


A provider of professional, affordable press release distribution since 2004, 24-7 Press Release Newswire continues to be a leader in the press release distribution industry. offers a variety of press release distribution packages, including video press releases, making it affordable for businesses of all sizes. has a private branding option available for larger distributors such as agencies & communication pr companies. is a leading provider of syndicated news content from nearly 400 channels of news providing free news headlines to websites around the net.

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