August 28, 2008

Product Spotlight: Network Security

By Anonymous

Mobile data protection IronKey Enterprise provides always-on mobile data protection and policy enforcement by combining a USB flash drive, remote management and security policy enforcement from a centralized administrative console. While hardware-based military- grade encryption protects critical data, portable security applications and Internet protection services provide identity management capabilities. A standardized set of enforceable policies can be downloaded onto each device. IronKey Enterprise devices can also be used as a platform for organizations deploying virtual desktops, allowing portable applications and secured operating systems to be carried on the devices.-IronKey

Password manager

Random Password Manager 4.02 automatically and periodically randomizes local administrator and root account passwords across every system in the enterprise, and allows temporary, delegated recovery of current passwords on demand. The solution ensures that each system maintains unique account credentials, preventing one decrypted local password from providing unauthorized peer-level access throughout the network. IT managers can change, store and retrieve the privileged passwords for every system in the enterprise and log all activity, including logon attempts and password recovery, and stores records in an encrypted database. The software helps maintain compliance with Sarbanes-Oxley, HIPAA, PCI and other regulatory standards that stipulate the length of time that privileged passwords can remain available.-lieberman Software

Spam/malware protection

To block zero-hour spam and malware in real time, Aladdin eSafe 6 Feature Release 2 uses dual antispam engines to provide real-time content analysis/security, the first antispam engine performs sender reputation and distribution patterns analysis, monitoring traffic worldwide to identify new spam and malware outbreaks as soon as they emerge. Performing simultaneous content analysis, the second engine prevents spam on three levels: phishing, fingerprint and fuzzy fingerprint. Effective in any language or e-mail format, the program proactively checks mass distributed e-mails (e.g., spam, fraud, phishing or malware) without blocking legitimate e-mails, such as newsletters and mailing lists.-Aladdin Knowledge Systems

File protection

McAfee Anti-Theft File Protection provides privacy and theft protection for files stored on a PC by enabling users to lock important files. Users can create digital vaults to store sensitive files and protect the vaults with secure passwords. Documents and identities are protected from thieves and hackers with 256-bit AES technology. The software is compatible with Windows XP or Vista.- McAfee

Laptop protection

Computrace LoJack for Laptops is a theftprotection service that tracks, locates and recovers stolen laptop computers. Features include a recovery service that tracks the location of the laptop and a data delete service that remotely erases sensitive files. An identity-protection service remotely deletes sensitive information using an algorithm that meets U.S. Department of Defense standards. The solution is available for Windows XP/Vista and Mac OS X.- Absolute Software

WLAN access control

SmartPass 7.0 controls access to the wireless network, allowing administrators to set accesscontrol policies based on location, time of day, identity of user, SSID, VLAN and accounting data. A location- based authentication/ access control plug-in enables administrators to set rules to permit or restrict access, allocate bandwidth and allow resources based on location. SmartPass maintains per-user statistics, lifetime session counts, traffic details and total traffic passed for user session or specific device.-Trapeze Networks

SSL VPN appliances

Suited for complex and demanding environments, Secure Access 2500, 4500 and 6500 appliances provide a single platform to control remote access to Web applications, terminal services, client/server applications and mobile devices. The SA 6500 delivers support for up to 30,000 concurrent users on a single four-unit cluster. Using SSL universal security protocol, the devices provide end-to-end layered security and include endpoint client, device, data and server layered security controls. The appliances support a wide array of mobile devices and cross-platform support, including devices running Microsoft Windows, Mac OS and Linux.-Juniper Networks

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