August 28, 2008

Motek Selects Nexenta Open Storage Software Appliance

Nexenta Systems, a developer of open storage solutions, has announced that Motek Entertainment, a motion capture and production studio, has selected its NexentaStor open storage software appliance that allow multiple creative users to share and view both uncompressed SD uncompressed HD video content over standard gigabit ethernet networking.

Motek Entertainment's deployment of NexentaStor supports HD and lower resolution SD non-linear video applications render farm file pools, and global command and control applications. The system is platform and application agnostic, supporting Windows and Mac via CIFS/SMB, AFP, NFS, FTP and HTTP protocols. NexentaStor provides storage virtualization and NFS/CIFS gateway functionality to iSCSI storage target systems.

According to Nexenta, the storage virtualization architecture used by Motek is also being used to support a range of performance-sensitive applications including graphics research at Stanford University and others of the over 3300 NexentaStor users. As discussed in the 'Motek, Nexenta, and NAS with iSCSI best practices' case study available on the Nexenta site, Nexenta uses the ZFS virtual block devices called ZVOLs to provide a level of abstraction on top of the individual iSCSI servers.

Evan Powell, CEO of Nexenta, said: "We are very happy to highlight the positive experience of Motek Entertainment in using NexentaStor in front of iSCSI for improved performance and manageability. We're seeing more and more users that like the cost savings of iSCSI but want the enhanced performance and the advanced data integrity capabilities of NexentaStor. As SATA disks can suffer from silent data corruption, the unique ability of ZFS's end to end check-sums to catch this corruption is especially important for firms like Motek who rely upon accurate data for their success."