August 29, 2008

Japan’s Innovative Food Manufacturing & Processing Technology 2008 – Now Available

Research and Markets ( has announced the addition of the "Japan's Innovative Food Manufacturing & Processing Technology 2008" report to their offering.

This report looks at Japanese food product technologies, considered among the best in the world, including Japanese food product manufacturing and processing technologies. The following are examples of topics covered.

1. Food Technologies

Production/processing, freezing, sterilization, inspection, quality control/freshness control, cooking, mixing, heating, separation, analysis, taste recognition, measurement, washing, detection technologies, etc.

Some specific examples of articles featured:

- Shirako Kamaboko-ten explores potential of nano-bubble water

- Kumamoto University develops a revolutionary ultra-fast freezing technology

- K Pack uses electricity to sterilize salad dressing

All articles feature excellent examples of advanced technology.

2. Food Ingredients & Additives

This section introduces excellent new food ingredients and additives, such as:

- SPM-rich milk ceramide developed by Snow Brand Milk Products

- Functional food material with anti-allergy effect developed by Nippon Meat Packers

- Pine fiber from Matsutani Chemical Industry with fat lowering function

3. Food Processing Equipment

An introduction to food processing equipment including dough sheet cutters, peeling equipment, sushi makers, machines for making Chinese-style dumplings, wrapping machines, noodle/pasta making equipment, milling devices, flour milling machines, heat sterilizing systems and pulverizers.

The report includes an appendix giving an in-depth look at machines and materials winning the 10th Nissyoku Excellent Food Machine/Material Award from the Japan Food Journal.

This report was created based on materials we have acquired while attending research conferences and events that are held each year at Tokyo Big Sight and elsewhere, including ifia Japan (International Food Ingredients & Additives Exhibition and Conference), Health Ingredients Japan (Hi Japan), and Safety and Technology Japan (S-tec Japan). Other sources of information include pamphlets and manufacturer press releases. This part includes many color photographs. 100 manufacturers are covered.

We hope you will find this report useful for putting excellent Japanese food product technology to work in developing your new products and otherwise taking advantage of technology from Japan.

 CONTENTS: A. INTRODUCTION TO REPORT  B. FOOD TECHNOLOGIES PRODUCTION/PROCESS TECHNOLOGIES FREEZING TECHNOLOGIES STERILIZATION TECHNOLOGIES INSPECTION TECHNOLOGIES QUALITY CONTROL/FRESHNESS CONTROL TECHNOLOGIES COOKING TECHNOLOGIES MIXING TECHNOLOGIES HEATING TECHNOLOGIES SEPARATION TECHNOLOGIES ANALYSIS TECHNOLOGIES TASTE RECOGNITION TECHNOLOGIES MEASUREMENT TECHNOLOGIES WASHING TECHNOLOGIES DETECTION TECHNOLOGIES  C. FOOD INGREDIENTS & ADDITIVES  D. FOOD PROCESSING EQUIPMENT DOUGH SHEET CUTTERS PEELING EQUIPMENT SUSHI MAKERS MACHINES FOR MAKING CHINESE-STYLE DUMPLING WRAPPING MACHINES CONVEYER SYSTEMS NOODLE/PASTA MAKING EQUIPMENT SIFTERS MILLING DEVICES PROCESS EQUIPMENT BAKERY/CONFECTIONERY MACHINES PULVERIZERS FLOUR MILLING MACHINES BOOSTER COMPRESSORS INSPECTION SYSTEMS HEAT-STERILIZING SYSTEMS  E. APPENDIX MACHINE CATEGORY MATERIAL CATEGORY  Companies Mentioned: - Aji Kaori Senryaku Kenkyujo - Anest Iwata - Anritsu Industrial Solutions - Ario Techno - Atect - Buhler - Chelt - Dymco - Earth Technica - Eshin Pack Industry - Fantec Research Institute - Fit-In - FMI - Foodreams - Fuji Nippon Seito - Habisit Japan - Hitachi Plant Technologies - Hokkaido Eisei - Hokuren - Inisio - Intelligent Sensor Technology - Izumi Tekkojo - Japan Aerospace Exploration Agency - J-Oil Mills - Joy World Pacific - Kajiwara - Kaneka - Kansai University - Kawashima Packaging Machinery - Kao Professional Service - Keio University - K-Pack - Kikkoman - Kirin Beverage - Kirin Brewery - Kirin Food-Teck - Kirin Holdings - Kumamoto University - Matsubo - Matcon Japan - Makino Mfg. - Matsushita Denko - Maekawa Mfg. - Matsumura Mfg. - Maruha Nichiro Holdings - Matsutani Chemical Industry - Mitsubishi Electric - Miyazaki University - Nabel - Nakagawa Chemical - Nara Coop Sangyo - National Food Research Institute - Nikken Kasei - Nimo - Nisshin Engineering - Nisshin Foods - Nisshin Honey - Nisshin Marubeni Shiryo - Nissei - Nippon Suisan Kaisha - Nippon Meat Packers - Okawara Mfg. - Ono Shokuhin Kogyo - Onion-M - Osaka Municipal Technical Research Institute - Oriental Kobo Kogyo - Q.P. - Reica - Riken Vitamin - Satake - Sanyo Electric - Seiho - Shin Nippon Machine Mfg. - Shirako - Shinshu University - Shirako Kamaboko-ten - Snow Brand Milk Products - Suntory - Suzumo Machinery - Taisei Corp. - Taisei Lamick - Takigawa Chemical Industries - Temma Shiki - Testo - Thames - Thermodynamic Systems of Sapporo - Tosei Kogyo - Tokyo Metropolitan University - Tokyo Seimaiki - Tokyo University - Toyo Ink - Uni Cafe - West - World Techno - Yakult Honsha - Yamamoto - Yutaka Mfg 

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