August 29, 2008

Llano Independent School District Integrates Cymphonix Network Composer; Enjoys Increased Network Visibility

Cymphonix has announced that Llano Independent School District in Llano, Texas, has integrated the Cymphonix Network Composer DC30X to provide superior content filtering, bandwidth prioritization and track individual user Internet activities within its district.

Prior to purchasing the Cymphonix device, Llano ISD IT administrators were faced with two major problems: anonymous proxies and lack of visibility into network traffic. IT administrators knew that students were able to bypass content filters using the latest anonymous proxies. No matter how hard administrators tried to keep the blacklist current, the new proxies released daily proved to be too much to keep up with. The second issue, lack of visibility, was due to the inability to properly identify which traffic was being generated by which users. Llano ISD needed a way to easily identify Internet abusers and take action.

"We needed a level of punitive measures that we could impose on students we considered regular Internet abusers. While we didn't want to completely eliminate the student's ability to access the Web for fear of directly affecting school related projects, we are able to control which sites, and at what speeds, the offender could access material," commented Llano ISD Technology Director Jim Beasley. "It's great because I can quickly identify students who require disciplinary action by their user name instead of IP addresses, which obviously vary from one computer to the next. When you're dealing with hundreds of public access points, how can you beat that?"

Once installed, the Cymphonix Network Composer solved both major problems. Network Composer maintains a blacklist of anonymous proxies automatically. The device also dynamically scans content for anonymous proxy activity and can be set to control it without administrator intervention. This made it easy for administrators to prevent students from bypassing filters.

Network Composer also immediately revealed which individual users on the Llano Independent School District's network were using an abnormally high percentage of bandwidth. Once these users were identified, IT administrators had the ability to set up specific bandwidth controls and Website prioritization schemes, ultimately improving the performance of the district's bandwidth. Administrators are now able to quickly and easily control students' access privileges with the use of group configurations, allowing faculty and staff to employ disciplinary action without hindering the educational process.

About Cymphonix

Cymphonix Corporation, headquartered in Salt Lake City, Utah, uses patent-pending technology to reveal, optimize and automate Internet security. With deep-packet scanning technology, Cymphonix solutions address the issues created by evolving content - including Web applications and bandwidth-intensive Websites. Cymphonix products seamlessly integrate network protection, application performance and traffic visibility into a single, easily managed solution. Leading the Cymphonix product line is Network Composer, a smart gateway appliance that helps organizations understand at a glance who is abusing network resources and with what applications - enabling problems to be corrected instantly through a clear, easy-to-manage interface. More information about Cymphonix can be found at