September 3, 2008

Nationwide Children’s Hospital Research Institute Selects PhoneFactor for Two-Factor Authentication

Positive Networks, a leading provider of security products and services, today announced that PhoneFactor, its phone-based authentication technology, has been selected by Nationwide Children's Hospital Research Institute (NCHRI), one of the nation's largest children's hospital and pediatric research centers.

NCHRI was searching for a secure two-factor authentication solution that did not require them to provide and maintain security tokens. NCHRI evaluated several two-factor authentication solutions on the criteria of ease of use, flexibility, security, scalability and cost. PhoneFactor's unique phone-based approach was selected as the two-factor authentication method for granting outside access to NCHRI's network.

PhoneFactor adds a second layer of security to NCHRI's existing login processes. It works with the user's phone, so there are no devices to distribute and nothing to install. Users simply login with their user name and password and instantly they get a call. They answer the call and press # to complete their log in.

"PhoneFactor has provided an easy, secure and flexible two-factor authentication to front end our current SSL VPN solution," stated Scott Kowal, Senior Network Engineer at NCHRI. "This is a significant improvement compared to our static username and password solution."

"PhoneFactor eliminates the need for expensive and cumbersome tokens," said Tim Sutton, CEO of Positive Networks. "With so much focus on HIPAA regulations, it was extremely critical that they protect their sensitive data with a highly secure but yet affordable and user-friendly solution."

About Nationwide Children's Hospital Research Institute

Founded by a determined group of women in 1892, Nationwide Children's Hospital began as a local charity to serve a dozen very ill children. Throughout the following century, this tiny community-funded mission matured into a health care system that today spans the Midwest as one of its preferred providers of pediatric health care. Nationwide Children's today is ranked as one of the nation's ten largest children's hospitals and pediatric research centers.

About PhoneFactor

PhoneFactor is a simple two-factor authentication service that provides far greater security than usernames and passwords. The award-winning service can use any phone (mobile or landline) as a second form of authentication. PhoneFactor can be setup in minutes and eliminates the need for tokens, smart cards or certificates. The basic service is free with advanced modules available for enterprise deployments.